Rave New Reviews for Fantastic Beach Blanket Babylon – It’s 36 Years Young in 2010

How can Beach Blanket Babylon be a “new show” at 36 years old? Well, I don’t know, it just is – it evolves, it keeps up with the times. Anyway, Media Week 2010 just ended at Club Fugazi up in North Beach, so a bunch of reviews have been popping up.

And that includes The Review from San Francisco Chronicle Theater Critic Robert Hurwitt. He just recently gave instructions to have The Little Man to hop out of his seat. See?

“In Chronicle parlance, this one is called Wild Applause. Readers should know that the critic believes the production…, having achieved all of its artistic goals, is firmly in the don’t-miss category.” 

You can’t do better than that.

Yes indeed, BBB rolls along for 90 entertaining minutes – it’s all filled up with jokes, sight gags, costumes, and musical numbers.

Here’s how it looks close to the end:

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Now, speaking of blankets, if you are a wet blanket, if you’re a hater determined to not have fun with your friends, well you could be like some of the Yelpers who label it “cheesy.” But that’s not a bug, it’s a feature, right? And of course most of the Yelpers just love, love, love this production.

Anyway, the youthful gaggle of Fun Fearless Females who sat just ahead of me were into a couple wine bottles 15 minutes before the show began. They seemed to be having a good time, singing along. And yet, I’m sure my grandmother would be into to this joint as well. It’s hard to imagine a live production that would appeal to a bigger cross-section – locals, tourists, older, younger, etc.

(And best of all, while watching, you can even get a bottle of refreshing Dom Perignon for less than $200 – can you remember seeing a markup that low for Dom in this day and age? Moving on …)

I’ll tell you, I’ve hadn’t seen the BBB before last weekend. I thought it was great. You will too. See you there! (Again, maybe.)

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