Refreshing RocketBoat Adds Some Needed Color to San Francisco Bay – 2010 Season is On

Of course, some people* don’t like you, RocketBoat, but I do. You add color to the bay. You complete me, RB. Thanks for coming back in 2010.

Get all the deets on the Rocket Boat here from sailboat-hating Ken Garcia.  And take a look at the action on YouTube. RocketBoat just might rock your world. Check it:

Came back for a 2nd round and this time we had a party of 7 go on the Rocketboat. That boat kicks ass. It goes about 45 mph and the driver loves to spin donuts.”


Now, we’ve all heard the expression “let’s get busy.” Well, this is a boat who gets “biz-zay!” Consistently and thoroughly. Look at RB totally pwning a local yachtsman just the other day:

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Even “smart chicks” love the RocketBoat. You will too.

Get all the deets after the jump.

See you there!

*Local sailboat people disapprove of motor vessels in general, and RocktBoat in particular. RocketBoat, RocketBoat/ It’s not your fault.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane …, It’s RocketBoat – Blasting-Off From San Francisco Bay At PIER 39!
Blue & Gold Fleet Welcomes its Newest Addition –
RocketBoat Bringing High-Speed Thrills to the Bay!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 17, 2009) – PIER 39’s Blue & Gold Fleet is unleashing its new exciting thrill ride – RocketBoat for the 2009 Season. This dual engine speedboat, with a mixture of bio-diesel fuel will blast-off at 44 knots, giving its 135 passengers an exhilarating rush! RocketBoat launches on the Bay May 1 and will operate through October 31.
The open-air RocketBoat gives both locals and visitors a chance to take in the spectacular views of San Francisco Bay and the City skyline in a whole new way- through twists, turns, and spirals. Passengers will be entertained with a live narration from the captain and crew. These 30 minutes of thrills are enhanced with a classic Rock ‘n Roll soundtrack.

RocketBoat runs daily, 11AM – 6PM, from Gate 4 at PIER 39’s West Marina. RocketBoat slowly passes the sea lions, then ignites to the Bay Bridge, zips by AT&T Park, rounds Treasure Island and then cruises past Alcatraz before returning home to PIER 39. “The breathtaking views are part of the allure of being on the Bay. RocketBoat riders will now take in the sights while their hearts pound and their heads swirl,” says Taylor Safford, President of Blue & Gold Fleet, the man behind the ride. “I’ve been involved in every aspect of the boat design and operation. It will definitely bring new energy to our Fleet.”

RocketBoat was built by Sunsplash Marina LLC in New Jersey, where it was loaded up with twin 16VM70 engines, each rated at 1410 horsepower and at 2100 rpm. The all-aluminum vessel uses water jets to achieve its top speed. RocketBoat is powered by a mixture of bio-diesel fuel, complementing Blue & Gold Fleet’s status as the largest fleet of bio-diesel ferries and tour boats on San Francisco Bay.

Regular ticket prices are $26 for adults and $21 for children (11 and under). Group rates are always available and special discounts fares are being offered to kick-off the season. All passengers must be at least 40″ tall to ride. Rocketboat’s route and schedule are subject to Bay conditions. For video and photos and more information visit

Blue & Gold Fleet is the premier provider of ferry and water excursion services on the San Francisco Bay, offering the famous one-hour Bay Cruise Adventure Tour along San Francisco’s waterfront. The company provides regular ferry service to Sausalito, Tiburon, Angel Island, Vallejo, Alameda and Oakland, and also offers motorcoach tours to some of the most picturesque sites in Northern California. More information can be found at:

Speed: 44 knots
Length: 70 feet
Power Source: Twin MTU 16VM70 engines each rated 1400hp @ 2100rpm
Propulsion Twin UltraJet water jets
Year Built: 2008
Construction: Aluminum
Shipbuilder: Sunsplash Marina, LLC, Tuckahoe, New Jersey
Operating Season: May through October
Tour Length: 30 minutes
Extras: High Energy Rock ‘n Roll Soundtrack

•RocketBoat is owned and operated by Blue & Gold Fleet at PIER 39.
•RocketBoat has current Certificate of Inspection and Certificate of Documentation issued by the US Coast Guard.
•RocketBoat engines are Federal EPA certified Tier II and are compliant with California Air
•Resources Board regulations.
•RocketBoat does not have “jet engines” – its engines are the same size and type as those on Blue & Gold Fleet’s Bay Cruise vessels (OSKI, OLD BLUE and GOLDEN BEAR). At full power RocketBoat operates at a lower decibel level than most commercial vessels on the Bay.
•RocketBoat uses water jets instead of propellers for propulsion – identical to what is currently used on many ferry boats.

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