If We’re Not Going to Rename SFO or Third Street for Willie Brown, What Should We?

Sometimes new ideas just don’t work out, right? Like Mayor Gavin Newsom’s CultureBus brainchild, for example. So Supervisor Sophie Maxwell’s suggestion that “more public relations work” will somehow get San Franciscams to want to rename Third Street to Willie Way seems absurd.

It’s like saying NBC’s Manimal or Trauma serieseses just needed a little more advertising to succeed.

Sometimes you need to reconsider and move on. (And isn’t this whole thing a little ironic, doncha think?)

Let’s hope San Francisco hasn’t already purchased thousands of these official-looking 3M signs:

Now of course back in the 1990’s, Willie Brown had this big push going to rename SFO to Willie L. Brown Jr. International Airport. Srsly. But that proposal didn’t fly because the name “SFO” was and is a highly-recognized “brand” throughout the world – it’s worth billions, they say.

So, the Question of the Day is this:

What other thing can we name for Willie Brown? What can we give him as a consolation prize when we tell him that Third Street just aint gonna happen?

Now, realize that it can’t be too big but also that it can’t be too small.

Myself, I can’t think of a thing that would satisfy Willie without raising havoc and creating carnage for thousands of little people. Oh well.

The point is that Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. Blvd. is dead.

So think of something else…

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6 Responses to “If We’re Not Going to Rename SFO or Third Street for Willie Brown, What Should We?”

  1. Burgos says:

    How about Willie digging into his deep expensive pockets and building a library and daycare centre in Bayview, naming it after himself, and maybe, just maybe steering the residents in a direction that isn’t a dead end?
    Why should my tax ducats be used to glorify his name?

  2. Alexei says:

    At least wait until the guy’s dead… Also, what’s the deal with all the Full X. Name Boulevards? Geary, Balboa, Hayes, Haight… would it be better with John W. Geary St., Vasco Núñez de Balboa St., Thomas Hayes St., Henry Haight St.? Of course not– it would be annoying, expensive and a general pain.

  3. Atticus says:

    There’s that sewer treatment plant out at Ocean Beach. We were trying to name it after GWBush a couple of years ago. But, personally, I think Willie Brown would be an even better recipient of the esteemed honor.

  4. Sam says:

    No kidding!
    Try writing this out: “Dr. Carlton P. Goodlett Place”.
    They actually included “Dr.”
    This guy better have cured cancer. Even if he had, how could Goodlett Place not be tribute enough?
    Willie, on the other hand, could fittingly have a very crooked and short street named after him.

  5. Lach says:

    “Crooked” is the word for it, Sam! So give him the winding bit of Lombard. And the locals don’t want his name on thei street, neither do the rest of us.

    So, if streets are out, then make it some room or staircase inside City Hall.

  6. hermann says:

    Previous commenter walked right up to the solution and stopped.

    Lombard Street. Just that one crooked block. Officially change it to The Willie Brown Way.

    I don’t think he’d complain, as long as we spelled his name right. It’s famous and beautiful, and he proved long ago that he doesn’t care about being called crooked!