Pathetic Panhandle Bandshell Now Sits Surrounded by Parked Cars – A NIMBY Victory

The belov’d Panhandle Bandshell got kicked out of Golden Gate Park a few years back only to end up in a damn parking lot up at Fort Mason.

I blame NIMBYs, people like those melon-farmers at that shadowy PRO-SF organization. Supposedly, the bandshell attracted hippies to the Panhandle, but there are more hippies (sitting with their dogs in drumless drum circles) than ever so go figure. And there was the noise issue that the nearby small-time millionaire landed gentry were worried about, but the music wasn’t amplified or anything. Oh well.

A sea of car hoods – some recycled, some yet-to-be recycled:

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Whom do you blame?

Godspeed, little bandshell. Your Time is Gonna Come. Someday, you’ll find a proper home, surrounded by crimson and clover instead of Honda and Hyundai…

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2 Responses to “Pathetic Panhandle Bandshell Now Sits Surrounded by Parked Cars – A NIMBY Victory”

  1. Johnny G says:

    Oh man! I loved that thing when it was in the panhandle. It seemed the neighbors really enjoyed it too since a lot of performances were put on using the thing. The rules were pretty clear about its usage–not to be used after 10pm. It was only supposed to stay up for a couple of months to begin with but it got a successful extention for a few more months. Then it disappeared.

    As for more hippies and gutter punks? hardly. The panhandle is just as bustling today with hippies and gutter punks as before. They live there. The bandshell didn’t attract them. sheesh.

  2. Jim says:

    Considering that the thing is made of car parts, the parking lot location is appropriate.