Outrageous: Cans of Beer Confiscated at Bay to Breakers – Hide Your PBR at Masonic!

I never thought I’d live to see the day when cans of beer would be confiscated at the Bay to Breakers footrace. I mean, bottles and kegs, sure, but harmless aluminum cans?

Well, that’s what’s happening at the 99th Annual. A thin blue line of eight SFPD officers has been stretched across the eastern crosswalk of Fell and Masonic – they’re just taking the brew right out of your hands. Some escape this dragnet, but most do not.

Popo shut us down. Thusly:

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Where are the earnest, green-hatted nerds of the National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer Corps when, finally, we need them?

I put down my Bud suitcase and raised my hands to the Heavens and yelled,” Gascon!“*

R.I.P. America: 1776-2010.


*Or Singer. One of them. I’ll tell you, I don’t know if local Police Chief George Gascon and premier spinmeister Sam Singer are more intelligent than Fong and Fang (Heather and Angela, respectfully), but the new people in charge this year sure are smarter, it would seem. Defter, if that’s a word.

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3 Responses to “Outrageous: Cans of Beer Confiscated at Bay to Breakers – Hide Your PBR at Masonic!”

  1. Lancelot Link says:

    Still being a little scarred from all the peeing I saw in 2008, I can understand the half hearted “zero tolerance” crackdown by SFPD. My personal feeling is that if they start pulling people off the course because they don’t have a number bib ( this was fed to the news media ), then B2B will have officially gone from a civic event to a Corporate event. At that point, people may want to actively campaign to end the race. With that kind of mindset, it would only get worse because ( based on 2008 ) I don’t think the organizers are smart enough to deal with it. If they’ve brought in public relations strategists to move in that direction for the 100th run and beyond, I hope someone or group will make their lives miserable to a greater extent than 2009.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I hadn’t heard about the potential bib crackdown. That would be tough to enforce…

  3. Lancelot Link says:

    Yeah, I heard this on ABC News on Saturday and it just smacked of a PR release…something about “fee jumpers” or similar term. I was more surprised at that than PD confiscating cans of suds. Enforcement of the bibs would be arbitrary…no doubt. That could be rife with problems for the race organizers and city bosses…but I wouldn’t put it past them. IMO the 2009 race was much cleaner on all counts than 2008 ( partially due to organizers doing a better job and seemingly not as many dickheads acting out ). Couldn’t make today’s…but I’d expect it was similar to 2009. It would be nice if they could leave it alone.