Graduation Gifts 2010 – Is the Apple iPad “The Best Way to Experience the Web?” No.

I’ll tell you, back in my day, the ideal graduation gift for rich kids was a baby BMW of some sort – you know, with a giant bow atop a convertible roof. But Steve Jobs is trying to upset the Apple cart by getting people to think that an iPad is the best gift for matriculates.

I don’t know, maybe it is. However, this new ad campaign… 

…says the iPad is “The Best Way to Experience the Web.”

First of all, Apple means the best portable way to experience the web, right? And then, what’s this deal about using the word “experience” as a verb? (Is “experiencing the web” a passive event like watching a movie? Are you a creator, at least sometimes, or a merely a consumer of the Web? Mmmm.)

Anywho, the big beef, of course, if the absence of Adobe’s Flash. I know that it, like a strong federal government, might whither away at some point, as Lenin said, but we aint there yet, comrade. In 2010, anyway, You Can’t “Experience” the Web Without Flash.

The smaller beef would be the absence of industry-standard inputs and outputs. I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t trade my aging netbook, which is worth about $100 and was somewhat crippled by one of the many Intel vs. NVIDIA spats, for any kind of iPad. I mean, iPads can’t run Photoshop or nothing, right? (BTW, is there an App for Photoshop? I’d like to see what that would look like. Srsly.) Oh, to run ‘Shop I’d need a MacBook Air (Apple’s name for their expensive netbook with hinges that used to fall apart if you looked at them the wrong way) or a four-figure laptop? Oh, O.K.

Hey kids, you’ve taken your SATs, right? Try this:

Regular Web is to expensive, portable, compromised iPad Web as

Regular bike is to expensive, portable, compromised Dahon Brompton bike.

Brompton folding bikes are nice for the people who use them for commuting. (They’re pretty expensive, and there are a lot of design compromises involved of course.) These things are popular, but are they The Best Way to Experience Cycling? Hells no. 

A regular bike is cheaper AND better for most people of course. 

Just saying. 

(Time’s tide will smother you, Apple.)

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5 Responses to “Graduation Gifts 2010 – Is the Apple iPad “The Best Way to Experience the Web?” No.”

  1. Word Bitch says:

    First, you looked up “experience” as a verb and posted a link to illustrate… what?

    Re: your beef: sorry but Flash blows and just crashes stuff. Get over it.

    As for “standard ports”… wtf do you need to plug in to EXPERIENCE the web? If you’re getting stuff off your camera, you’re juggling multiple hardware bits anyway, and you’re a big kid now– an extra (small) adapter isn’t a big deal.

  2. zyzzyva says:


    I think the bike brand you meant to invoke is Brompton, or perhaps Strida. Both of those are stylish, enjoy cult followings, and work beautifully for their intended purpose, but they’re expensive and use proprietary parts that most bike shops don’t carry and can’t fix. Dahons only cost a little more than comparable non-folding bikes, and use standard components that any shop can fix or replace.

    Just sayin…

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Forget the link. We’re to “experience” the Web? How about, instead, use the Web or create the web?

    “And then, what’s this deal about using the word ”experience” as a verb? (Is “experiencing the web” a passive event like watching a movie? Are you a creator, at least sometimes, or a merely a consumer of the Web? Mmmm.)”

    Wouldn’t you want a bigger monitor to “experience” the web anyway? $500 will pay for a good-enough PC that can access the complete Web, the Flash-enabled Web, PLUS a big ass monitor.

    Firefox and IE crash all the time too, and people still use them.

    Why would I take photos off my camera and put them into an iPad? I need an adapter (a card reader, actually) to do that with my netbook, but then I can fire up PS and then email or whatnot.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Ah yes, Brompton, that was the one I meant. thx!

  5. Caset says:

    Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an iPhone or iPad. I got a net Net10 phone as an early graduation present and I love it. It may not be the most technologically advanced but it works just fine for me!