Ridiculous “Personal Belief Exemption” Spreads Whooping Cough in Marin County

Here’s the thing about rich Marin County – the people there are generally healthy but the vaccination rate for kids isn’t as high as it used to be.  So the news of 2010 is how high the rate of whooping cough is in Marin. This is directly related to their substandard vaccination rate, with some schools leaving most of the student body unvaccinated.

What’s wrong with you people up there?

“Vaccination is based on the medical fallacy that our bodies are stupid,” said Corte Madera chiropractor[!] Donald Harte. “The truth is that the body has a nearly infinite capacity to protect itself against infection as well as other diseases. When I was a kid, everybody got measles, mumps or chicken pox, and nobody died.”

(O rly? Doctor Chiropractor, heal thyself. IRL, people died. Moving on…)

Comes now the Marin Immunization Coalition with a possible solution. You can see it here with the H1N1 ad campaign they put up on Golden Gate Transit buses:

So, instead of joining some No-Vaccine Movement because you heard about it over lunch in Mill Valley, you can Join the Herd and Build Community Immunity. The Bandwagon Effect that’s killing rich kids (with diseases that should have been wiped out by now) gets twisted around so that getting your kids their shots is a kind of movement all its own.

How about that?

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4 Responses to “Ridiculous “Personal Belief Exemption” Spreads Whooping Cough in Marin County”

  1. Mr. Kurtz says:

    check out sciencebasedmedicine.com for a thorough debunking of these crackpots.

  2. David says:

    The people pushing resistance (no pun intended) to mass vaccinations are dangerous, but please do read a bit about epidemiology, herd immunity, and the mathematics of mass-vaccination.

    What the pro-immunisation group are trying here is not “argumentum ad populum,” but in fact, something based in actual science.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    I’d say what they’re doing is “argumentum ad populum” based on actual science. Yep