Don’t Buy the Mostly-Chinese, All-Electric Coda Car. Wait for the Nissan Leaf Instead

I’ll tell you, I’m at least 90% sure that the new Coda Sedan from Coda Automotive is going to suck. Big time.

So keep that in mind before you place your deposit or decide to fall in love with it.

Now, one advantage this thing had over the similar all-electric Nissan Leaf was that you were supposed to be able to go in and buy a Coda by now. Well, not unexpectedly, things got delayed a bit at Coda Automotive. Oh well. And just read their FAQthey don’t even answer the softball questions they pose to themselves. Not much has changed since last year, it would seem.

So, hold on to your hard-earned and see what happens from Nissan. Who knows, maybe the Leaf will get delayed as well. But while we’re waiting, DO NOT BUY A CODA CAR.  

That is all.

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8 Responses to “Don’t Buy the Mostly-Chinese, All-Electric Coda Car. Wait for the Nissan Leaf Instead”

  1. A***** says:

    I have a Coda and it is WAY nicer than the Leaf , 1st it is more normal looking , and more luxury

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I didn’t know anybody had a Coda yet, actually. You have a 2011 model, the one that might come out in the fall or winter or later?

    If normal-looking = ten year old Mitsubishi sedan, well, then it’s normal-looking.

    Is the Coda a luxury car?
    “Styling and plastic quality was acceptable, though more like Kia than Cadillac.”

  3. Jennifer says:

    How do you know Leaf is better?
    I’d give Coda a try because I am Chinese and I do not lilt the Japanese!

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Well, for starters, the Leaf is a lot cheaper. And Nissan is a more capable corporation. If I didn’t know about how to make electric cars, I’d call up China to buy glider car bodies another place in China to buy batteries and then put them together. That’s a pretty simple business model, right? OTOH, Nissan generally knows what it’s doing.

    Will Coda sell 20k cars in CA in 2011? No. But Nissan will sell every Leaf it can make, probs.

  5. Jim says:

    Why will the Coda suck? State your reasons or don’t say anything. The Coda’s battery is innovative and slick. The technology is cutting edge.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    Coda Automotive is asking people to fall in love with the idea of owning the Coda sedan right now. Why shouldn’t buyers wait until other people start using the cars and then see what they think?

    Why is the Coda battery so expensive compared with Nissan’s? Don’t you think the LEAF would be a better car leaving aside the battery issue? Don’t you think that Nissan will be around in five years as a company? Will Coda Automotive be around in five years?

    Isn’t there a lot of stupid money and govt. money in Coda?

    Wouldn’t you rather have a LEAF and a bundle of cash over a Coda sedan?

    I’m not saying that govt. money won’t help Ohio, but America would be better off taking the money it’s giving to Coda for some factory and instead just give it to the workers of Ohio directly, right? What makes Coda Automotive so special? What makes it better than average?

  7. Jim says:

    I agree with you. I was just curious as to your reasoning. I would much rather see the money spent in the U.S. And yes, Coda Automotive probably won’t be around in the next 5 years, which means those who buy their cars may not have the technical support that might be needed in the furture. Silicone Valley is working on new batteries and I would like to see them keep making progress in this country. Our government isn’t pushing this technology nearly as much as China, so I hope we can going. I know there are solar technologies that are big out in California.

    I’m going to convert my Ranger to all electric within a year. I will use lead/acid batteries until I can afford the better batteries, so I’m looking at about 50 miles per charge.

  8. sfcitizen says:

    I’ve seen Electric Rangers around town here – don;t know who makes them, don’t know how well they work. Knew a guy who put a bunch of lead-acid Costco batteries in the bed of his toyota pickup. A bit of a science project but it gets him around his property up near Tahoe…