Russian Navy Invades San Francisco, Cleans Out Liquor Stores. Tour Varyag Thursday

It was all pomp and circumstance today down at Piers 30-32 when Russian Guided Missile Cruiser Varyag (Viking, mas o menos) made a courtesy call. See for yourself at Japan Security Watch

Here she is after coming through the Golden Gate yesterday:

Russian Federation Navy Missile Cruiser Varyag transits through San Francisco Bay while Coast Guard boat crews provide a security zone around the vessel, Sunday, June 20, 2010. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Pamela J. Manns – 100620-G-7265M-047″

All sorts of government officials went aboard today – people like Mayor Gavin Newsom and elements of every alphabet soup federal agency extant.

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There are some of your 16 huge launch tubes right there:

Then it was all over to Pier 7 or someplace for a ceremony with George P. Shultz and the Russian Ambassador:

They were all addressed by this avuncular Russian cowboy:

(This Rear Admiral has a few medals, huh?)

And then it was time to hit the town and do a little alcohol shopping. Thusly:

Employees at John Walker & Co. store (man, that’s a little too close to Johnnie Walker, don’t you think?) were pleased, to say the least.

Now, if you want to get on this aging cruiser to see how the recent refurbishment went, well, get there early at the foot of Bryant Street on Thursday. It should be a very popular tour (from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM or whatever they decide to do.)

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13 Responses to “Russian Navy Invades San Francisco, Cleans Out Liquor Stores. Tour Varyag Thursday”

  1. Dude says:

    Do not envy.

  2. Inna says:

    I don’t know what kind of blogger you are, but you can’t recognize your own country navy uniform! Also No One Russian would wear cowboy hat! This man has a tag with US flag and probably you can’t red ether, become his name is definitely not Russian.
    I do not know what Employees at John Walker & Co. have told you (I am questioning that you even spoke to them), but it doesn’t look like these men are crying alcohol in their plastic bags, and alcohol is not aloud on the missile board.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Disagree, he sure sounded Russian.
    Disagree, it might not look like they were carrying alcohol, but they were. Why dont you call up the store and ask if they’ve had any Russian sailors pass through the past couple of weeks. I’m sure they’d remember.
    There’s no alcohol aboard a Russian navy ship? Srsly?

  4. Inna says:

    Ok, I wasn’t there, but why this man has a tag with US flag, maybe it was American spiking Russian? Yes, Srsly, I know for sure that Russian sailors are not aloud to drink aboard, but probably they could carry alcohol as a gift they will bring home, and probably here it is little bit cheaper then in Russia. But it is no problem to buy it there.
    And anyway couldn’t you find to say something more interesting after visiting the Russian ship build after the legendary royal ship with very interesting history?
    Or, for example, do you know, that Russian navy had a joint drills with Americans?

  5. sfcitizen says:

    He was speaking English with a strong accent.

    I got about 100 meters away from the ship. I didn’t even try to get aboard on the one day it was open to regular people.

    I heard that they did joint drills but i didn’t see that….

    Anyway, i showed what I saw…

  6. Юрий says:

    Бред сивой кобылы или просто окровенное враньё. Я был в тот день на пире 32. Кроме того, я служил на советском флоте и могу сказать, что спиртное на корабле матросам КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ ЗАПРЕЩЕНО. На фотографии пластиковые мешки в руках как раз у матросов. Даже если бы им и захотелось купить спиртное, то во первыx не удалось бы, потому что они были в сопровождении офицеров, а во-вторыx, не прошил бы контроль при возвращении на крейсер. Даже на Princess Cruises в Мексике не пронести спиртное.
    Автор дурак и дешёвый фраер. :)

  7. sfcitizen says:

    O.K. но много матросов закупили спирт от того магазина…

    Вы думаете русские хорошие клиенты?
    Клерк: Да, сегодня!

  8. Юрий says:

    И важен даже не сам факт, которого уверен не было. А важно желание автора в чтобы то ни стало показать русских дикарями, эдакой хамовитой толпой, сползшей с корабля и захватившей город в неуёмном желании набуxаться. Всем упасть! Не шевелиться! Руссие идут!
    Одно название статьи говорит само о себе и о высоком интеллекте автора.
    Пиши про Монику Левински, грамотей.

  9. Юрий says:

    Могу себе представить, как после того, как матросы вышли из магазина, писака забегает в магазин и распрашивает продавца, сколько бутылок спиртного закупили матросы. Вряд ли нормального человека это интерисовало бы. Порядочные американцы так не делают. Трепло. 😀

  10. sfcitizen says:

    Фактически, я лежал. Русские никогда не выпивают спирт!

  11. Юрий says:

    Кто о чём, а голый о бане…

  12. Гость says:

    Юрий, как вы правы!!!