The Great Fell Street ARCO Station Bike Lane Rejiggering is Finally Upon Us

Michael Helquist of BIKE NOPA is all over the recent changes at the BP ARCO gas station on the corner of Fell and Divisidero.

Here’s what changed a few days ago at the station itself. Looks like we have new macadam and new stencils telling drivers not to go in through the out door. This looked like quite the construction site a few days back:

Click to expand.

I’m not sure what to make of all the changes. As per usual, the “neighbors,” the selfish, property-owning NIMBYs, had far, far too much say on this matter. A normal city would have just taken out a bunch of parking spaces years ago. Oh well.

On It Goes.

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2 Responses to “The Great Fell Street ARCO Station Bike Lane Rejiggering is Finally Upon Us”

  1. Ramón says:

    Just so that people don’t go ballistic, particularly those of us who read and follow instructions; the arrows don’t apply to taxi drivers who scowl and do whatever they want.

  2. Peter says:

    I would imagine that a majority of the property owners have parking spaces in their properties, so I think it’s unfair to blame them. I think the MTA was held hostage by multiple vocal minorities with conflicting agendas. I think the property owners were frustrated with how long this whole process took. It’s in my backyard, and I know I was, and I don’t particularly care about the ARCO traffic – it’s always baffled me why people will wait in lines like those at the ARCO on a weekend to save 2%-3% on a tank of gas. Isn’t your time and sanity worth more than that?

    And now we can move on to the stories of the people from outside of the neighborhood who don’t obey the new traffic design. Easy targets, and we can feel good about ourselves too ridicule them.