Jeff Adachi’s “Save Our City” Smart Reform Campaign is a Well-Oiled Machine

SF Smart Reform is still gathering signatures to get pension reform on the ballot in November.

Let’s take a look-see and a listen to.

Do they have money enough to pay a plane to fly over San Francisco? Yes they do. This one was towing a banner the other day going, “Save Our City…” and whatnot:

Now we’re off to campaign HQ:

It was like a military operation…

…with wave after wave of signature gatherers getting fed, briefed and sent out into the field:

And here was your headliner – dreamy Matt Gonzalez, seen here speaking with Fog City Journal’s Luke Thomas.

And hats, always with the hats:

These people are all over the City these days. Will having “well over 50,000 signatures” be enough?

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7 Responses to “Jeff Adachi’s “Save Our City” Smart Reform Campaign is a Well-Oiled Machine”

  1. Harry says:

    Who is paying for all of this? Something smells here!

  2. paul graham says:

    It’s about TIME “somebody” in a position like his or if it was hers to set off a spark like this, because I have been telling all my firneds and foes for the last five years, have any questions just remember the City of Vallejo, the firt city in the History’s State went bankrupt, because the fear of elected government and others that includes that UNION of theirs make it as if there Sacrosanct and can’t be told NO ever, but as in the case of illegal’s, and allow me to stop you there, I am not a bigot, I just understand that we have Limited supply of everything in our State, and our LEGAL citizens and taxpayers Equally deserve a voice to say NO to the Police Union, and the Fire Department UNION, because nobody gets it cradle to grave in our country anymore.
    The abuse for decades has brought that possibility to an end, its LONG over due, and hey nobody demanded any of the Police or Fire Department employees to do that work, huh, in the case of the Fire Department, I would not have THEM transport my dog let alone me, if you need a 911 ambulace, call a private company if at all possible, trust me on that one, they rear eded me at a stop light and cause me to have a cervical spine operation, and long pain and suffering, lucky I arrived at the E.R. alive, the PUNK that was one of the EMT’S was one of the idiots I took to the Sunshine Tasforce committee for refusing to release PUBLIC records to me, and he allowed my blood pressure to rise over 250 on the way to the hospital, all the while the lovely lady EMT, who had an I.Q. over 25 unlike the Ego moron that thought oh what an opportunioty to get me back for making THEM look like the Idiots they are, way over the top arrogant, I guarantee you those are the facts on our Idiot Fire Department and the Department of Emergency Services having them send five to seven vehicles to the Tunnell they send seven to ten fire department employees Hey I have Video of it folks, but because they can BILL the CITY, that’s YOU and me taxpayers they do it, and so far getting Away with it.

    I didn’t have the position like this man is trying to make a correction with these UNION people employees having their cake and eating it too, well as the President told Wall Steet and the Rotten to the core Loan Brokers and bankers, “your day is OVER”, I waited 59 years to hear my President say that, god bless him:) Oh yeah, and I’m a white guy:) POWER back to the taxpayer citizens, and a stop to this run away insanity that they brainwash the city fathers into thinking they can’t stand UP for US when they should have in the first place, well NOW there going to be given a TOOL by the PEOPLE that will go a LONG way to stopping these rotten and corrupt agencies on the taxpayer dole a new tool that will be effective, we can’t even put our kids through school anymore because of insanity like this paying and paying and paying, we use to call it what it is, “OVERPAYING, not for very much Longer!

  3. Rich says:

    This campaign is paid for by wealthy venture capitalist! These are people who have been given golden parachutes yet they want to attack the police, firefighters, nurses, gardeners. Wake up people. You are falling for the politics of jealousy. They take away your pension, your healtcare and then tell you why should anyone else have what we took away from you. I wish Adachi would put so much effort into attacking Wall Street reform and going after Blue Cross/Blue Shield for their outrageous rate hikes. Wake up people. YOu’re next

  4. Cynthia says:

    Hi. I just finished law school. I have $200,000 in debt to pay. I have a strong sense of civic duty and I will forgo corporate and start a career as a public defender. I graduated at the top of my class and think I have great talent. San Francisco. That’s a good place. But wait, the public defender there wants to go after my benefits. Mr. Adachi, because of you, I can’t afford healthcare for my family and pay back my loans. Mr Adachi, you’ve taken money from the worst Wall Street roobber barons to make sure that I pay more into my pension when they are the reason our pension fund is broken. Mr. Adachi, I think I’ll work for someone else since you dont’ support your own staff. I just found out you pay nothing for your pension and benefits. Wow. Forget it. I would never work for someone like you. Try my classmates. They’re at the bottom and don’t have the luxury of choice. And good luck to your criminals who can’t afford defense

  5. Maeve says:

    Cynthia, you just blew your own credibility. The clients of the Public Defender have been accused of crimes, as you or I could be accused at any moment. If you’ve already decided they’re “criminals,” you aren’t who you pretend to be.

    I too wish Adachi had picked a different fight. I suspect that next time -after this measure wins in a landslide – he will.

    Very big changes are afoot in this city.

  6. John says:

    Republicans and corporate Democrats (basicly the very wealthy) including the majority of the media itself are in a full-fledged media campaign to redirect public anger over the fiscal crisis toward excessively compensated public employees, and away from banks, oil companies and hedge fund managers t’s fat-cat financiers, not lowly government employees, who caused our economic debacle. Yet Adachi is accepting money from billionaires so he can stick it to the little people.

    It is a fact that $245,000 of the measure’s $314,295 in campaign donations came from venture capitalist Michael Moritz and his wife, Harriet Heyman. Another $10,000 came from Ron Conway, known during the 1990s as “The Godfather of Silicon Valley.” Another $10,000 came from former money manager David Crane, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s policy director.

    Personally, I am for true pension reform and if you asked most city employees, they would agree that going from the current 7.5% to 9% of income to pensions is a reasonable request.

    The problem is Adachi has attached to this measure severe cuts of 50% to Health Care coverage of dependents of rank and file city workers. The people who can afford it the least will be paying the most – families with children.

    True pension reform will come, but Adachis’ measure is not it.

  7. Single Mom With No Help says:

    If a single mom with more than one dependants brings home $3200.00 pays $1800.00 rent in SF, does Jeff Adachi thinks she could afford to contribute 9% towards her pension and pays $444.21 toward Kaiser with a $15.00 co-payment for each doctor’s visit. And if she already had a pay cut of 5.57% as of 7/1/10. Should all the lowerest pay city employers ($40,000.00 to $65,000.00 annual) with one or more dependants apply for government assistance & use General Hospital to deepen the tax payers’ money while the managers and elected officals pays nothing or couple %? That will lowers the payroll tax by 20% and increase the government assistance & the income tax refund. Does Jeff Adachi knows what is low income city employees and they could be qualifiy for EITC (Earn Income Tax Credit)!!!