World’s Best Soccer Team, Real Madrid, Plays Club America on August 4, 2010 at Candlestick Park

(To begin, let’s crank the Beyoncé en Espanol in another window – that’s something both colonist and colonizer can enjoy.)

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol will play the Washington Generals, Club America, Mexico’s Club América. Check it:

This will undoubtedly be the biggest club soccer match in the history of Northern California,” said Gustavo Marquez, one of the promoters of the event.”

Alta California in the hiz-ouse, boy-eeeee. Here’s the new roster of Real Madrid players who are coming to San Francisco, people like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Iker Casillas.

And here’s the poster and some info telling you where you can buytickets.

Supposeably, you can get seats for $35 per, but the cheapest tickets I could find on TicketMonster were $55 plus a $10 service charge plus a $3 printing fee. Oh well. You might be able to get some sort of Club America fan discount  – check out the local sponsors if you want…

So go on in and enjoy!

Real Madrid vs Club America in San Francisco. Historic International Soccer Match at Candlestick Park on August 4th, 2010.

SAN FRANCISCO — World Entertainment Sport Promotions, LLC, Marquez Brothers Entertainment and El Mexicano brand products are pleased to announce that the world’s top soccer club, Real Madrid, will face-off against Mexico’s Club America in San Francisco on August 4th at 8pm.

“We at Marquez Brothers International are proud to be able to bring Real Madrid to the bay area for their first ever match here,” proclaimed President and CEO Gustavo Marquez. “This will undoubtedly be the biggest club soccer match in the history of Northern California.”

Real Madrid is widely considered to be the world’s top soccer club with 10 players participating in this year’s World Cup.   Led by legendary coach Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid features a who’s who of worldwide soccer superstars including Portuguese National Team Captain Cristiano Ronaldo, Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Brazilian midfielder Kaka, Argentine forward Gonzalo Higuain and Dutch midfielder Rafael Van der Vaart, among others.  Real Madrid has won 30 league Championships, 17 Spanish Copa del Rey titles and 9 European Cup/Champions League titles.

“We are pleased to bring soccer’s best to San Francisco for this high-profile match,” said Manny Arias, Partner of World Entertainment Sport Promotions and former professional soccer player.  “Get ready to see some amazing soccer. We invite all sports fans to join us at Candlestick Park to witness Real Madrid vs Club America on this momentous occasion.”

Club America is considered Mexico’s most popular club when it comes to fan support, history and quality play. They play their home games in AztecaStadium, the largest stadium in Latin America, and the fifth largest in the world.  National team goaltender, Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa and midfield veteran Pavel Pardo represent two of Mexico’s best in dedication, skill and physical ability.

Club America’s history is decorated with 33 championships, including 10 in the professional era and 4 in the amateur area of the Mexican League.  Returning Head Coach Manuel Lapuente will most certainly have Club America ready for this rare opportunity to prove the competitive level of Mexico’s top squad.

Tickets start at $35 and go on sale on Saturday, July 3rd at 2 pm at phones and Ticketmaster retail outlets.   For additional information visit  Real Madrid vs Club America is presented by El Mexicano Brand Food Products.

World Entertainment Sport Promotions, LLC (WESP) with corporate offices in Gilbert, Arizona is an international promoter of sport and entertainment events, with particular emphasis on soccer international events across the World. WESP is dedicated to bring value-priced, world-class events to educated consumers.

Marquez Brothers International, Inc., with corporate offices in San Jose, California, is a manufacturer of El Mexicano cheeses and food products.  Marquez Brothers Entertainment is a promoter and producer of special events presenting the best in concerts, dances, soccer matches and rodeos.  The “El Mexicano” name represents quality food products for the entire family.”

Monto en su ciudad en un Trojan Horse negro grande
Estoy mirando para divertirme cierto
Una cierta clase de cópula pronta a disparar
“Saludos de Club America que usted” dice que la muchacha en la puerta
“Nosotros acepta todas las mentiras importantes
Amamos cualquier clase de fraude
Enciéndase tan adentro y goce…
Enciéndase adentro y goce!!!”

I ride into your town on a big black trojan horse
I’m looking to have some fun
Some kind of trigger-happy intercourse
“Club America salutes you” says the girl on the door
“We accept all major lies
We love any kind of fraud
So go on in and enjoy…
Go on in and enjoy!!!”

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60 Responses to “World’s Best Soccer Team, Real Madrid, Plays Club America on August 4, 2010 at Candlestick Park”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are the famous World Cup players playing in this game?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Good question, i don’t know. You’d think they’d be here. The other issue is how much time they’d play assuming that they’re here at all..

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a quetion, is the whole team playing? like Iker, Kaka, Benzema, CR9 all off them? I will really appreciate if can someone tell me, because im flying just for the game, if only they are playing..

  4. Anonymous says:

    no none off them are playing in this game lol dont even bother to come.

  5. Halamadrid says:

    Of course there gonna play…’s there preseason with a new coach and everything so they have to start playing together…..they are not like Mexican teams who bring there reserves and just take da money…..

  6. Hala-mela says:

    Don’t listen to Halamadrid above this comment, obviously he doesn’t know how things work. Whenever, you showcase to big teams like this. You’re going to get every player on the roster. Perhaps some players won’t play the full 90′ since 6 changes are allowed per team, but both teams will want to win; come home confident, and feel strong after the summer friendlies.

    Last years Barcelona vs Chivas was a full roster, with both teams bringing every starter (messi, mitchel, pedro, morales etc…).

    Yes, there are some friendlies that bring 2nd string players, but those are usually played at weak venues and weak promoters.

    However, whats with the prices? $75/$55? Last years Barcelona/Chivas was about $20 less in top or bottom locations. Where’s the America discount code? Middle of the week limits my tailgating time.

  7. sfcitizen says:

    No se, mi amigo. At some point there might be a box office selling ticks at $35 per with no fees, but I don’t know…

  8. #1casillas says:

    yes, indeed all the big world cup players are going like cristiano ronaldo, iker casilllas and xavi alonso. so yes, it would be worth the go. i know, i checked on the marquez brothers website and its for sures.

  9. Gaucho1985 says:

    It seems that we all have the same doubt! Does any know if all of the stars are coming to play the games against Club America & LA Galaxy? or Is there anybody we could contact and verify? Thanks

  10. sfcitizen says:

    It’s hard to say at this point. The promoters are promising the big stars…

  11. Realtalk says:

    Does anybody know what hotel Real Madrid will be staying at?

  12. elnino says:

    Realtalk: I’m trying to find out which hotel they will be staying at too. Does anyone know?

  13. abc says:

    “World’s Best Soccer Team”???


    Real Madrid is currently the most overpriced failures in futbol for 2010. Ousted from the Copa Del Rey by a second division team, lost twice to Barcelona in crucial games and came in second in La Liga, beaten by a second place French side, (Lyon), in the champions league and knocked out without even making the quarter-finals.

    With all those millions spent…QUE FEO.

    That being said I will be attending the game to see if “the Special One” has any ideas on how to extract the play that justifies all that money spent.

  14. sfcitizen says:

    All right, maybe I should say “premier” or something.

    Aren’t they like the New York Yankees of international football?

  15. perla says:

    i wanna see cristiano ronaldo but i cant go cause o dnt have money

  16. perla says:

    i love you cristiano ronaldo!!

    fAN # 1

  17. madrid says:

    anybody knows where will they be staying or where can we get autographs and pictures with them??

  18. excited says:

    i want to go see them @ the rose bowl… how does getting their autographs/pictures work?!?!?

  19. VivaRealMadrid says:

    Where are they staying at? Any ideas? I really wanna meet Xavi Alonso, Kaka, Castillas, Ramos & Ronaldo

  20. Francisco says:

    Dear all,

    It’s hard to say, but in principle most of the stars will be in the game. This game is not a “show game” but a pre-season game.

    Do not miss it!

    Francisco Hernández
    Real Madrid C.F.

  21. diego says:

    Where are they staying at?& when do they arrive at sf?

  22. MIRIAM says:


  23. excited says:

    what about when they’re in LA @ the Rose Bowl?!?!

  24. madrid fan says:

    what channel is broadcasting club america vs real madrid??????????

  25. Raul says:

    Any body have idea in which hotel they will be staying at? Please!!!

  26. Mary says:

    Will the game be on TV?

  27. elsancho says:

    you guys want to know what hotel they are staying so you can blow em!

  28. excited says:

    or simply get picture taken w/ them..but ok.. i wouldn’t mind having their love children and getting paid for life!

  29. JZM says:

    I think Spanish and Dutch internationals won’t join the team until after this game, but definitely Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Di Maria, Higuain, Pepe, Marcelo, Garay, Diarra, Lass, etc. among others will attend the game. I understand that all of them will play, but you never know. If anyone knows what tv broadcast is airing the game, please share. I’m afraid it’s not scheduled in either GolTV not Fox Soccer. Any help out there?

  30. JZM says:

    Ok, I was wrong, the Spanish internationals and Van Der Vaart will join the team on the 2nd. Sorry! If you can understand Spanish you can check these things in a Spanish sports newspaper online (, if not you always can use google translator.

  31. Anonymous says:

    does anybody know what hotel in s.f real madrid are staying at???

  32. panda says:

    i dont know when they arrive or where. im pretty sure they will arrive in san francisco dont know what day. i want to know the details also! and i want to see them practice if they do! provide any information you know!

  33. joe says:

    real madrid is in LA until they play the galaxy. i think they will fly into sf wed afternoon and go straight to the stadium and won’t stay at a hotel. can anyone confirm this?

  34. panda says:

    SKI SKI SKI they probably arrive today

  35. amanda says:

    hey, is there anyone who knows what channel it will be shown at? Or, is it not going to get broadcasted? Help, please?

  36. jessica says:

    Yes Real Madrid will arrive Aug 4, not sure if they’ll stay in a hotel dough, im trying to figure out were america be staying at does eny one know?

  37. Diego says:

    I am trying to find out where they will be staying at, but nothing !

  38. Al says:

    The game will be televised on Channel 476 on DirecTV with a cost of
    $24.95. Don’t know if Dish will carry it. Also FOX229 WFSL is mentioned but can’t say if they will be televising it.

  39. Al says:

    Make that FOX29 WFLX TV station instead of FOX229 WFSL. Lo Siento.

  40. Realtalk says:

    Real Madrid is arriving in the Marriot hotel in San Francisco at 7:00PM today (TUE). Good luck with getting autographs!

  41. Anonymous says:

    The game will be broadcast on espn 8pm pacific time.

  42. joe says:

    club america is staying at a hotel in oakland

  43. Pablo says:

    Really good Marketing, but Madrid is far await of being the best team. They are only coming for money and they do not play as a team.

    My recommendation, do not spend your money on this game¡

  44. Aj says:

    Club America is staying or having dinner at st francis

  45. Anonymous says:

    Club America is in the Westin. Just saw them there tonight

  46. Nbh says:

    Thank you so much i’ve been looking for the hotel where America is going to stay at thanks!!!!!

  47. luis says:

    will there be any players signing autographs tomorrow before the game?

  48. Marjan says:

    What Marriott are they staying at? JW? or the full service…

    There are 2 in the city…

    Also do you know what time they leave the hotel to go to the game?

  49. RMA4EVER says:


  50. hermilo says:

    solo les quiero desir que el america igual que las chivas son los equipos mas populares de mexico y que hojala le metan dos a sero alos madrilenos grasias

  51. Nick says:

    k well first they’ve been in SF since around last Friday…. they have a full team of guards protecting them.. and not jus some plain ol joe schmoes…. I kno the people guarding them… can’t say where but they’ve been here for a bit

  52. Rick says:

    what channel will the game be broadcast???

  53. Sean says:

    Hey guys we know real Madrid will stayed in the marriott n they will b there @ 7pm now where exclatly I mean which of the marriots in sf r they gonna b at???????? There r 2 marriots in downtown the one by 4th n market n the one by Sutter n post which one plz respond asap!

  54. Americanista69 says:

    What channel is gonna cover this game??

  55. Ivan Gimena says:

    Hey I heard that they will b at Marriott on sutter around 2:30 and leave at 5. Can anyone confirm?

  56. Blank says:

    LOL Real Madrid will be arriving to cadlestick park tonight by bus..they will not be staying after the game they either drive or fly back to for Club america they have been staying @ the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in SF..but will be head to SFO after the game..sorry so late

  57. jelly08 says:

    i would like to know what channel on comcast this game is going to be broadcasted !
    please help…

  58. adrian da bassment says:

    guys its rather easy to get an autograph if you want it bad enough, i learned this when mexico team was in los angelese for there friendly, its actually pretty easy to get in and out of the hotels, first find where there at,,real madrid are pretty boys so they need to stay at a hotel, there not some 2nd league team thats bus to bus city to city, ok so find out where there at or FOLLOW THERE BUS AFTER THE GAME THINK ABOUT IT THEY HAVE TO TAKE A BUS IN TO THE GAME RIGHT??? SO THEY HAVE TO TAKE ONE OUT ALSO, when you get to the hotel be there before they are waiting in the front entrance the bus will pull up the players will get out and have to walk into the hotel, as rich as they are they cant teleport in there, now 2 choices, try to get an autograph while they are walking inOR TAKE ADVANTAGE of the staf trying to hold the fans back and sneak in behind them and ride the elevators up and down till you find one or two of the players, dont be afraid to pull on the doors see if anything opens in the back or by the pool, threats of them calling the cops are not real they are classy so they dont want a bunch of cruisers in the front of there VERY EXPENSIVE HOTEL, also you can show up early the next morning and just camp out infront of the hotel and or bus they have to get back on there team bus to go to the airport right?? USUALLY AN ALL WHITE BUS NEW PAINT TINTED WINDOWS, so there you have it fans im in socal so i have no idea what hotel they are in BUT I SURE AS HELL KNOW WHERE THERE AT IN HOLLYWOOD:):)