Fiasco: Protesters, Counterprotesters and a Ton of Media at Craigslist HQ this Afternoon

[Welcome RedBook pervs! But, try to keep things on the down-low, bros. We don’t want another protest in the Inner Sunset, right? To wit: “Name: gfe_exoticgirl City: San Francisco / Inner Sunset Availability: Incall hours: 10am – 12am”]

Here’s the thing – when you have more members of the media than protesters at a protest, that’s not a good thing. As it was today on restaurant-choked Ninth Avenue, the site of the worldwide HQ for craigslist.

So, why weren’t these people protesting prostitution/escort/massage classified ads at the HQs of the Bay Guardian and the SF Weekly newspapers today? Well, it’s because then there’d just be protesters and no media attention at all, so there you go.

The mise-en-scene at noon. Can you see the sign on the building in the background? It used to say “craigslist” but it was painted-over this A.M. in anticipation of the melee.

OMG, it’s “Craig Newpimp!” Get it? Craig Newmark is a balding nerd so let’s make fun of that. Also on hand was “Jim Pimpmaster” (instead of CEO Jim Buckmaster). I don’t know, protesters. Did you consider tone when you were putting your joint together?

OMG, counterprotesters! They were loud. They disrupted the disruptors, can you dig? But the protesters were ready to fight back with “They’re With Craig” signs, as if being with Craig is a bad thing. The MSM just loves chatty counterprotesters, don’t you know.

Let’s see here, I think it’s somebody from the US PROStitutes Collective videotaping a counter-counterprotester with the sign while an out-of-town P.R. cookie ducks for cover. Welcome to San Francisco.

And, of course, lovely Beth Spotswood of CBS 5 Eye on Blogs was there with her Flip Camera. Look forward to her report.

I don’t know, is front-line law enforcement generally displeased with craigslist? Not that I’m aware of. In fact, I think the SFPD is generally pleased with the actions of the people at CL.

Look forward to reading lots and lots about this one. Links to come

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13 Responses to “Fiasco: Protesters, Counterprotesters and a Ton of Media at Craigslist HQ this Afternoon”

  1. EH says:

    “They’re with craib”

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  4. KD says:

    Is law enforcement unhappy with Craigslist? Well, yes, it is — in a big way. First, 39 state district attorneys (that is, representing 39 of the 50 states) entered into an agreement with Craigslist to try to make the adult services and other areas of the site safer.

    Did that agreement work?

    No, says the Missouri state district attorney.

    No, says the Illinois district attorney.

    No, says the Connecticut district attorney.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    You’ll note that the operative phrase was “front line law enforcement.” That specifically excludes attorneys general, right?

    Enjoy your witch hunt….

    And I don’t know who wrote about it, but putting on a bald cap and a giant pocket protestor is a way to mock Craig Newmark, in’nt? Yes it is, as stated.

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    “So, why weren’t these people protesting prostitution/escort/massage classified ads at the HQs of the Bay Guardian and the SF Weekly newspapers today?”

    Have you found human trafficking victims or minors on Bay Guardian and SF Weekly? If yes, please show your evidence.

    Hey, that is what Craig looks like. He calls himself a nerd on a regular basis. Nobody is making fun of his weight, height or personality.

  7. sfcitizen says:

    Yes, nobody’s making fun of Craig except for that actor, who mocked Craig’s weight, height and personality. All right, I mean it’s your stupid protest, right? You can organize it as you please.

    Do you think that that actor/writer’s performance was funny? Do you think that the TV show Rosanne was funny? Did you consider tone when you were booking all your acts for the protest?

    Not my job to go out and find human trafficking victims or minors on Bay Guardian and SF Weekly. That doesn’t mean that a craigslist classified isn’t just like a newspaper classified ad. Can you think of multiple reasons why grandstanding AGs go after Craig and not their local hometown weeklies? I can. Discuss.

    I’ll look forward to your next joint in front of the Bay Guardian….

  8. DanB says:

    I just wonder how much newspaper industry money went into financing this protest and that site.

  9. sfcitizen says:

    I understand that that this anti-Craig thing had the support of people from two online competitotors, anyway…

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    It’s not my protest and I did not book the talent. Someone is a little heated, no? You got a dog in this fight? Or just trying to protect your ability to get laid?

    Hey, you asked why these groups don’t go after Guardian or Weekly and I’m telling you why. They are not the hub of activity, Craigslist is.

    What does this have to do with the AG or old media? This has to do with human traffficking. There was zero participation from AGs or old media. That online competitor had every right to show up. They were not on the flyer. They did not organize it. They just showed up.

  11. sfcitizen says:

    It’s the royal “you.”

    Is anybody saying that anybody else can’t protest something?

    I’ll look forward to prostitution rates to drop in the coming weeks months and years after “your” protest.

    Does most prostitution in America go through craigslist?

  12. […] Despite Craigslist’s cooperation in this and other investigations, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and others issued a subpoena to Craigslist in May of 2010, only 1 month after the Gambino family bust, alleging that the company was facilitating and profiting off child “sex trafficking” and slavery. Over the next few months, so-called “anti-trafficking” groups, like the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women led by Norma Ramos, along with anti-prostitution groups, like Prostitution Research and Education led by Melissa Farley, grow increasingly loud, staging protests outside Craigslist’s San Francisco offices. […]