OMG, is Having a Picnic in Golden Gate Park this Saturday!

Via Michael Leaverton comes the news that The World’s Biggest Blog, Boing Boing, is a-coming to town this Saturday.

It’ll go off from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Pillsbury Doughboy Meadow betwixt Fulton and Stow Lake, betwixt the Rose Garden and Prayerbook Cross.

(Who knows, maybe the blogger Violet Blue (not to be confused with the extremely cute former porn star Violet Blue) will show up, with or without an inchoate restraining order*.)

See you there!

*Let me tell you, when you start losing at restraining order hearings that you yourself have requested, it’s time to reassess, and maybe give some thought to apologizing for acting rashly and wasting The Resources of The Court, and maybe consider going back and paying the filing fee that you should have paid from the get-go. Or something like that…)

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