Huge Vietnamese Website Rips Off San Francisco Photographer David Yu, Again

Here’s the thing – Vietnam ranks pretty low on the list of places you generally need to worry about. Of course they’ve sent people to California to spy on us, but so has our good buddy Russia and a host of others and I’m sure America has spies over there in Hanoi as well, and S,S,S,S,Saigon too, or whatever they’re calling it these days. Fine.

But here’s a minor beef. Seems that a big .vn website, one with traffic greater than anyway, has no qualms about reposting a bunch of photos from Flickr after stripping copyright info.

Thusly. That’s not fair use, Dan Tri. You know, all that bay arean David Yu wants to do is add color to our lives, so it’s bad form to piss him off, right?

A typical kind of shot from DavidYuWeb:

Used with persimmon.

Should we expect more from huge profitable MSM websites operating out of our sister city?


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2 Responses to “Huge Vietnamese Website Rips Off San Francisco Photographer David Yu, Again”

  1. Ramón says:

    Note To David Yu: wise up! Place your watermarks in the middle of the photo and adjust the opacity to your liking. I did it after I discovered that a local soccer team had cropped out my mark and didn’t bother to credit me. When I called them out on it, they were all apologetic and flustered. Your little watermark is cute…….and crop-able.

  2. David Yu says:

    thanks for your input Ramon, I can put a large water mark on the picture but it will be too much for the people to see the picture. I rather keep it small and humble with the little logo. I like the audience to enjoy the picture more than the water mark :)