Sean Elsbernd vs. Transit Union at Save MUNI Summit – Monday Night, July 19th

(Cue Heavy Action. Oh, if only H.C. were still around to introduce the QB’s on one more Monday Night…)

It’s on! The First General Meeting is on!

Excellent, excellent SF FYI Net has the deets:

When: July 19, 2010 – Monday 6:30 p.m. Where: Northern Police Station, 1125 Fillmore Street, San Francisco
What: Save’s first general meeting. Discussion and voting on Supervisor Sean Elsbernd’s ballot measure designed to remove the salary-setting for Muni drivers from the City Charter. A ballot proposition can only be endorsed if it receives the approval of 2/3rds of the members of the Organization in attendance at a General Meeting. Those who participated in the December 5th planning meeting, or registered at the March 6, 2010 Save Muni Summit, or both, constitute the voting membership of and have a vote on endorsement. Supervisor Elsbernd and the Union have been invited.
Look for the Elsbernd side to win by a Raul Castro-like percentage on this vote, based upon the stringent requirements for suffrage. Still, everybody loves a thunderdome, everybody loves a MUNI cage match.

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1.)  Elsbernd’s Ballot Proposition: 

On Monday, July 19th at 6:30 p.m. there will be a general meeting of at the Turk/Fillmore Police Station.   On the Agenda will be a brief discussion of Supervisor Sean Elsbernd’s ballot measure affecting how Muni driver’s compensation is established.  Following the discussion there will be a vote.  Only those who registered at the March 6, 2010 Save Muni Summit or attended the December 5, 2009 planning meeting will be eligible to vote. will endorse the measure only if two-thirds of the eligible voters at the meeting vote to do so. 
Following are statements in favor of, and in opposition to, the measure:
In Favor:   
Currently the salaries of Muni’s drivers are established each year via a formula embedded in San Francisco’s City Charter which ensures that Muni drivers are habitually paid the second highest wages in the country.   For this reason the Muni driver’s union currently has no incentive to bargain on other issues such as working rules.  Yet some of these rules operate to the distinct disadvantage of Muni riders and therefore really do need changing.  It is felt that setting driver salaries and benefits through the normal collective bargaining process as is used in most labor negotiations will make it easier to adjust working rules when necessary.  

Passengers and Drivers Unite

STOP all cuts in Wages, Benefits, & Service!  

Make the Banks & Downtown Corporations Pay!

Reject MUNI Charter Amendments!

Restore Service to all who need it!


Who Pays for Transit? MUNI needs NEW REVENUE! 

Either:     Drivers pay with lost wages and benefits.

                     Riders pay with Service cuts and fare increases.

Or:            The Downtown Corporations pay now. 

                     Stop the war budget for control of Oil.       

How:      Expand Fees on SF Big Business & Commercial Property.

                  Expand Federal Stimulus Money for Transit.


Demands from transit workers & riders.

1) MORE transit impact development fees. (TIDF) 

2) Expanded Transit Districts to include  all growth areas.  (So of Market, Mission Bay etc)

3) A special fee on Finance & Real Estate transactions:   especially financial institutions which got the Bail Out money ($700 million in TARP) or benefit from the war budget.

4) SF MTA originate action and ballot initiatives to implement these proposals per Prop A (2007)

Now is the time to build a movement of MUNI, AC, Bart, Golden Gate & passengers, students, & other City workers.

Your MUNI drivers support: the M.O.R.E. Coalition, seniors, students, the Disabled community, passengers who ride late night and on the weekends, passengers in isolate areas; all who are united to expand MUNI.   


Your MUNI drivers are fighting to restore your service. We demand more SERVICE and better SCHEDULES.  Any job action is aimed at making MUNI better for all of us.   


Your MUNI drivers know:  the Mayor, the Press, & Supervisor Elsbernd do not speak for the majority of MUNI Passengers.  We are out there with you every day on overcrowded buses.  We know that you have more in common with us than with the politicians or the banks.


Your MUNI drivers know: the Wars in Afghanistan & other areas strategic to USA control of OIL divert money from Mass Transit and benefit Corporations like Chevron; a tax-dodger and TIDF cheat in SF & Richmond!


Naming Names: Financial Elite Rips off Riders & Drivers!


A) Finance capital & the big corporations which own property in SF caused the revenue and funding crisis.  They refuse to pay for the value that a mass transit infrastructure adds to property and businesses. (80% of MUNI service).   San Francisco has a Transit Impact Development Fee (TIDF) on new development which goes to MUNI.. Here are examples of Real Estate transactions that amount to $billions with no money for transit. (all quotes from SF Business Times)

1)         1999, Chevron sold its headquarters in SF for $189.1 million ($255 a foot) at 555 & 575 Market St. & remains an influential Capitalist power SF.

2)         2004-2006: 1\3rdof Commercial property in SF was bought & sold for $billions.” …it was boom times for office building sales in the Bay Area.”  Long time commercial property owners like Shorenstein Co. (7 million sq. feet in SF)  used these profits to expand instead of investing in SF transit.

3)         2005:Boston based Beacon Capital Partners who bought a lot of 5 SF properties & 1 in Oakland for $810 million total and are raising ($1.75 billion) money for more

4)         2006: $1.05 billion changed hands among capitalists with a $200 million profit in one year for Pacific Gold Equities for the sale of 555 California St. — the Bank of America tower.

5)         2007: The Gap negotiated a sub-leased to Google worth $7 million a year ($35 per sq foot).  The building owner, Finance Capitalists Morgan Stanley, have made millions. 

6)         2004 on:  Tech firms like Twitter are making S.F. their new home in So. of Market. “The move into the city may also signal an increasing desire to move closer to the transit-rich urban centers


B) The Big Business Community has used its control of SF Government to delay and gut TIDF.

1)         In 2004, SF for Reasonable Growth estimated that Big Business had developed a “loophole” on the Planning Dept. Forms to avoid $10 million in TIDF.  that “loophole” could represent $100’s of millions of lost revenue to MUNI over the last 6 years.

2)         In the controlled Political Process today, expanding the TIDF to charge a fee for the value that transit adds to Big Business is off the agenda as THE SOURCE for dedicated revenue for Transit! 

Instead the gun is aimed at Transit Workers & Passengers.

C) Transit Agencies increase institutional racism.

1)         These Ruling Elites support the most regressive tax for transit, a “Sales Tax”.  It has a racist impact since it hits the poorest the hardest.  It shrinks in periods of economic bust. 

2)         Across the USA, the cost of riding public transit rose at a 17.8%..  MUNI is raising Fares.  Those on the economic margins will have to choose between giving up necessities or staying home.

3)         Service Cuts hurt minority neighborhoods, students, seniors, and the disabled the most.

4)         Transit workers in urban areas are predominately minority and immigrants.

D) Finance Capitalists have made $billions in profits off loans, public bonds, and financial schemes used to pay for the transit infrastructure.  SF Muni made “Sale-Lease Back” transactions of $467.9 million in the 1980s.  AIG & Finance Capitalists made $billions

E) U.S.A. Corporate World-Domination (Imperialism) : within the USA, budget priority of supporting wars around the world to control resources like oil have cost $1 trillion since 2002.  This benefits the same Corporations like Chevron, (record profits) Morgan Stanley which don’t pay their “fare share.” Internationally, capitalists from the USA, Europe, China, India, Russia etc are destroying workers lives as they compete to be “Top Dog”. 

Contact:  TWU 250a members in Operators for Justice: 510-207-0222


2.)  Central Subway:  FTA’s Letter to Nat Ford


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One Response to “Sean Elsbernd vs. Transit Union at Save MUNI Summit – Monday Night, July 19th”

  1. Philip says:

    What a hoot to listen to ancient Marxist gibberish. If the various union stooge groups can get the people of SF to believe that tired stuff, more power to ’em. The insatiable maw of Muni has been stuffed with fares, parking tickets, meter hikes, and funds extracted from anyone who even utters the name “San Francisco”, and still they yell for more. Most big employers have voted with their feet.