Coming Monday to Walnut Creek: A Rally in Support of Johannes Mehserle, Killer of Oscar Grant

Via the hardworking East Bay Citizen comes news of a rally in support of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle “and our Law Enforcement Officers.” It will go down on Monday, July 19th, 2010 at the Walnut Creek Courthouse at 2:00 PM. O.K. then.

But there’s a catch – only those who support Johannes can come:

“Anyone who supports Johannes and our Law Enforcement Officers may attend. This is a peaceful rally to show our support for Johannes and the injustices he is experiencing.”

I don’t know, I’m not sure which “injustices” we’re talking about here. Killing somebody by mistake, that can put you in prison, right? Is anybody saying that the jury verdict of manslaughter is an injustice? (Obviously, the absurd murder charges* just weren’t going to happen, right? So, what else was there for the jury to choose from?)

Or maybe injustices could be death threats against family members? That’s all I can think of.

Anyway, here it is

Claycord has more deets.

Will “hundreds of people” show up on Monday? There are 35 “confirmed guests” already…

*I can sort of see why murder charges brought early on, but I don’t know why they weren’t eventually dropped by the D.A. Oh well.

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15 Responses to “Coming Monday to Walnut Creek: A Rally in Support of Johannes Mehserle, Killer of Oscar Grant”

  1. I lived in Walnut Creek for a few years . . . this doesn’t surprise me at all. Contra Costa is Northern California with a dash of Texas. For what its worth, there is some valuable diversity of opinion you get out in the 925 that you don’t see in the core Bay Area.


  2. And you know what? For what its worth, there are in fact multiple sides to this issue . . . I’m not going to defend Mehserle but there is a certain “Liberal Orthodoxy” that seems to pervade what people can say in the Bay Area: Oscar Grant is only the latest saintly martyr to be gunned down in cold blood by a white police officer with sincere evil in his heart.

    On the other hand, maybe a stressed out, poorly-trained cop working a swing shift on New Years Eve was dealing with a lot of hooliganism and made some really horrible judgement in the heat of the moment and killed a boy he was trying to subdue and he has to live with that blood on his hands for the rest of his life.

    So, if a few folks out beyond the ocean-cooled hills want to get together and have their own rally for the other party to this awful tragedy, we can snicker at their obviously racist delusions, or we can accept that this is a complicated mess and not merely the simple black-and-white 1960s oppressor-victim narrative that is so precious to Bay Area social-political orthodoxy.


  3. [...] So when word gets out that the inland rednecks are rallying for the trigger-happy cop, the reaction from the likes of reads: “Anyone who supports Johannes and our Law Enforcement Officers may attend. This is a [...]

  4. Andy K says:

    Many silent people would agree with Daniels comments. While Oscar Grant did not deserve to die, I find it hard to believe that his death was anything but an accident. Mehserle f’d up and will hopefully get what he deserves.

    There have been many, many incidents in recent years where police/justice power was really screwed – like the Jena 6, Dialo killing in NYC, the Riders case in Oakland. In these cases, the system seemed to be clearly stacked against the victims. While the Mehserle case was clearly mis-handeled (not questioning him immediately, letting him go free for a week or so), he was eventually charged, and convicted. Would this happen anywhere else in the U. S.? The world?

  5. Puzzled says:

    Yeah, so even if you believe that this is simply a case of Mehserle really screwing up, why the hell would you rally in support of on-the-job incompetence that resulted in an unnecessary death? Or do these people think that Mehserle shouldn’t have been punished at all for his massive fuck-up?

  6. James C says:

    The problem is with everything people want to project their issue onto this event. To this disenfranchised Oscar Grant was an innocent man gunned down as best as I can tell from what I saw from the rally in Oakland because he was black. Or for a select few an excuse to rob and destroy.

    Or people who generally saw the handed down verdict as a realistic account of the facts as they occurred. Despite the effort to make Oscar Grant a saint He had priors for drug dealing and resisting arrest. On the night in question he was under the influence and resisting arrest.

    A fact few people seem to acknowledge is that the BART officers received their tasers only 3 days prior without proper training yet. So far as I can tell BART, Mehserle, and even Grant all were in the wrong in some way. I think it is a stretch to say Grant was murdered in cold blood or that there was racism involved in the event. Just as it is absurd to say the officer was completely following protocol and made a simple error whoops.

  7. manda says:

    He didn’t mean to shoot the kid if Oscar Grant wasn’t getting into trouble on the train and he did infact listen to the bart police in the first place his life wouldn’t had been cut short. Considering he was out causing problems sooner or later he was bound to end up getting shot or stabbed in Oakland anyway! The bart police officer had never been in trouble before he was doing his job but did it incorrectly, should he be thrown in jail for that I think not! because why? he has already been thru hell and back since all of this has happen, his life will never be normal and for all those lame people out rallying around to support Oscar Grant thats fine SUPPORT HIM as a person that you loved and maybe support youth to change ways in OAKLAND not freaking burn down the town and destroy other peoples things….. that is ignorant and I’m sick and tired of people trying to pull the race card on this whole trail thing….. people need to grow up whatever color Oscar Grant was played no role in why he got shot! HE GOT SHOT because he didn’t listen to the police! which caused him to be a victim because or human error! wrong place wrong time end of story! so yes I would show up to a rally for this police officer because they need our support they do a job to protect US the public and all they get in return is drama, played out to be the devil in the media and thrown in jail….. when all of those that were invovled that night are getting $$$ made a dollar off a friend that was shot.. where is the support there? why don’t they do something awesome with that money and start a fund for kids to keep them off of drugs or the streets? or gangs? since Oscar Grant had a background it looks as tho maybe that would be a great idea…. but no one thinks of those things huh? its all about the white cop needs to pay for doing his job…. im sick of all that crap I watch the news every day and its always something Oakland someone got shot, someone died, this happen and that happen WTF there is so much crime in that city and you know I feel sorry for every single cop out there on those streets because they are the ones that are the victims tyring to clean up those streets I don’t care if they are white,black, yellow green brown you name it !!!!! so take that in your pipe and smoke it If anyone is racist its all those people standing against those who serve to protect and that is how I feel about that situation you don’t like it SUCK IT because its all the $%^&*** the TRUTH

  8. Adam Nole says:

    No matter what is said this bound to stroke racial tensions higher. The sad part is that folks in CoCo County who think this is a worthwhile response to what was a ligitmate handdown from the court. Since there was video to prove what happened and Mehserle was unable to prove otherwise. Also a life was lost that can never be brought back. Getting Manslaughter charges with possible gun enhancement is a far cry from the family who lost a life.

    If it is not just stroking racial tensions then it is or would be stroking the tensions of class where people are able to brass a nice smile, and say they are sorry and get off just because they happen to be white and from a suburbian area.

    The former Bart cop was found guilty by an all White jury in L.A. The defense did all it could to try and sway the case their way. Sorry this time justice won out over favortism.

    As for Grants crimial record it has no bearing on why he was shot. No cop on the platform knew the man or had any idea at the time of the incident what his crimial past was. So it’s like saying because a woman was a hooker that she deserved to get raped.

    So protest if you like and make the snyde remarks but you are only fueling the fire of what most people assume about you anyways.

  9. rafael says:

    @Manda: looks like you’re off your meds. Please refill them ASAP before you hurt yourself.

    “he was doing his job but did it incorrectly, should he be thrown in jail for that” ? Damn right yes! If your incompetence causes the loss of life, then you SHOULD be held accountable. The rules for the men/women in uniform should be the same as those for the rest of us.

  10. lavel turner says:

    If your lying on your stomach your not resistesst.he is lucky he didn’t get street justice that how we do it like cowboys wirh no ropeso

  11. leval turner says:

    Racist. your not resisting arrest on your stomach grant was half the size of that racist pig cracker. You people are not above the law any more. Thats why we do street justice the ex pig got lucky. He knows he is wrong that’s why he quit cause the system ain’t shit. Were like cowboys instead of rope we use bullets. U take one we take four maybe more.

  12. wow says:

    leval…your street justice is why all cops have the reactions and attitudes towards those who use it. Maybe if you didn’t act belligerent cops wouldn’t be so aggressive. It’s those actions that cause situations like this to arise. Act like a person and not an animal and maybe you’d get a different response. If anyone is a racist it’s you. If you don’t like the way the american system works, move to Russia. Your street justice wouldn’t last you a day.

  13. Annika says:

    Amazingly it took me forever to find this on FB. Reason being that other newspaper sources have given the wrong title of the group. Interesting, very interesting. Here is my article about the situation on

    As a professional we make mistakes and unfortunately with a police officer it can be a fatal mistake. But this is not the problem with Oakland. Hardly!

  14. sfcitizen says:

    The FB page might have a slight name change…

  15. willow says:

    The officer is human and in that situation, he and the other cops were grossly out numbered by thugs drunks, etc. Why make a saint out of someone who had been in and out of prison since 18. This does justify his death but know that two lives were lost that morning. Unfortunate for both families but the officer will live with his forever. Please stop the Race card. It has no place in this issue.