Are We Now Supposed to Worry About Radiation from PG&E SmartMeters?

This was the scene today at Van Ness and McAllister (where a passing San Francisco Supervisor went out of his/her way to state that he/she was not involved). It was the great anti-PG&E, anti-SmartMeter protest at the California Public Utilities Commission.

Anyway, the answer is this:

No, don’t worry about RF radiation from Smart Meters.

Worry about something else if you want, though. Be my guest.   

Nice sign, but…

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One Response to “Are We Now Supposed to Worry About Radiation from PG&E SmartMeters?”

  1. I’m a concerned citizen. What offends me is PG&E forcing the SmartMeters into people’s homes.

    The EMF waves of Smartmeters have not been throughly tested. The test that PG&E quotes is given as average waves and doesn’t give peak waves. Peak waves could be a problem: For those living in rural areas, these peak waves are 300,000 more powerful than a cell phone. Consider also in SF multi unit buildings having multiple meters 3x over for gas, electric, and water. I’d say pity the person who’s abode is right next to these array.

    San Francisco government is equally concerned enough to hold hearings. Enough people with Smartmeters have complained about higher bills with same usage, to give warning onto itself. Each meter also costs $500 to be paid by the consumer. That’s $1,500 each household will be paying. I’d personally rather pay someone checking our meters.

    When I say force that means PG&E plans to have most of these 3 meters in place in 6 months. Doesn’t that sound like railroading? Something is fishy. I’d rather deal from working knowledge so I protested. I didn’t make the signs and yes they were nicely made by hand. Someone has a steady hand.

    Ps. filed-“paranormal” that’s weird.
    Pss. I also have a problem with another forced situation, that’s male circumcision. Will you be covering BANG’s Oct.2 protest at Moscone?