Absence of Booze/Nudity/Costumes Mars 2010 San Francisco Marathon – Photos of Early Leaders

This was the scene this AM at Mile 19 of San Francisco Marathon 2010. The crowd of two coffee-drinking women waited to see which runner would explode through the Stanyan Street Gateway of Golden Gate Park.* See?

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Turns out it was Keith Bechtol from “Team Zombie.” He’s an 25-year-old astophysicist(!) from Stanfoo. Have you ever seen a five-digit bib number runner leading after 20 miles worth of marathon? Look at him go down Haight Street:

And here’s the second runner in the full marathon to make it out of the park, Michael Wardian, zipping by the iconic Haight Street McDonalds:

Looks intense:

There’s your separation, about two-and-a-half regular-size San Francisco city blocks:

Look out Zombie Keith! The non-zombies are gaining on you!

Results! Get all the deets after the jump.

Full Marathon:

1 Keith B 30811 02:23:28 2 Michael W 11 02:25:21 3 Zack E 20988 02:36:16 4 Florian S 90 02:37:08 5 Amir Doron K 20179 02:37:09

Half Marathon #1:

1 Michael D 22534 01:15:10 2 Brett D 22866 01:17:07 3 Matthieu B 23432 01:18:58 4 Justin M 23100 01:19:15 5 Steve L 23091 01:19:44

Half Marathon #2:

1 James G 46014 01:39:08 2 Katherine L 45634 01:40:05 3 Gina H 45307 01:40:14 4 Tim E 45963 01:40:27 5 Ha C 45628 01:42:13


1 Diane W 90478 00:32:50 2 Erica Y 90214 00:34:08 3 Josie N 92341 00:34:11

Progressive [Far Left] 5k

1 Fred L 92743 00:42:39 2 Amy L 92741 00:42:55 3 Kenna B 92780 00:51:47

Congratulations to all the participants and volunteers!

Moving on…

Frankly, this joint could do with a little nudity, booze, costuming and public urination.


I mean if the NIMBYs aren’t complaining about it, what kind of event do you really have? Wouldn’t the organizers be better off giving each “bandit” as many bagels as s/he could consume? Yes. And doesn’t this race start way, way too early? Yep. Giving in to every demand from the leadership elements of every micro-neighborhood homeowners group – that’s the path of least resistance but is this practice good for your event, SFM?

And hey, how about a costume division next year? Just saying… 

*Speaking of which, note the local high point in Golden Gate Park at Mile 16.5 near Prayerbook Cross. See, they have it pegged at almost 300 feet, per this elevation chart. Yet, the Bay to Breakers people and the MSM claim, every year, that the highest point on the B2B civic event course is the top of Hayes Street Hill (at 215 feet), despite the fact that the B2B route also goes right past Prayerbook Cross on JFK Jr, Drive. In the words of paid shill Dr. Henry Lee“Something is wrong here. Something is terribly wrong.” Also, since I used the phrase “Bay to Breakers,” I now feel an obligation to mention the words “race, racing, or racers,” as many times as possible, as is the practice of the B2B flack team. Race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race, race… It’s a subliminal suggestion kind of thing to mess with your mind. See?

The organizer of the Bay to Breakers road race confirmed that the 100th running of the venerable 12k race will take place on May 15, 2011. The race, a unique celebration of San Francisco and its racing culture, will institute new measures this year as part of its centennial celebration of the race.

“We cherish the fun aspects of the race that have made it unique worldwide– racers, runners dressed in costumes, centipedes, group running–that add to the excitement of a professional internationally important 12K footrace,” said Angela Fang, general race manager of the Bay to Breakers race. “In the coming months we will be announcing a number of compelling programs to enhance the race and the racing for the racers.”

Or something like that. B2B’s real press release is almost as bad as this.

Anyway, the San Francisco Marathon has an official release. Read it after the jump.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.-  The San Francisco Marathon™, took place today with over 24,000 registered runners.  The race was a shocker.  Two different runners in the Men’s Full Marathon broke the course record of 2:25:57 set by Andrew Cook in 2007.  The twist is that the distance runner who not only won, but shattered the record, did so while completing his first ever marathon.  Keith Bechtol, an astrophysicist at Stanford, decided to run The San Francisco Marathon™ (TSFM) six weeks prior to the event.  In fact, he contacted TSFM’s office requesting First Wave/Elite Athlete Status.  However, because he had no official marathon P.R. times TSFM was forced to deny his request.  To everyone’s surprise (including his own), Keith Bechtol came in first with an unofficial time of 2:23:28.  (TSFM doesn’t release official results until next week).
The 25 year old overcame the fierce competition, even with a Wave 3 start.  Why does a Wave 3 start matter?  Wave 3 starts nearly 12 minutes after the Elite Runners in Wave 1.  Due to American Track & Field rules, TSFM used “gun time” rather than the time that runners actually cross the start line.   
The lanky scientist grew up in Alexandria, VA where he had often heard the tales of Elite Runner Michael Wardian of Arlington, VA.  Bechtol had competed as an NCAA Division I athlete in cross country and track at William & Mary, but decided to take 3 years off from competing upon graduation.
Wardian, age 36, finished 2nd today with an unofficial time of 2:25:21.  When asked how he felt about passing the runner he had looked up to for so many years, Bechtol humbly replied that he “learned a lot today from running alongside Michael Wardian…I have looked up to him for a long time.”
Michael Wardian returned to this race as a favorite to win.  Even though he had a course record-breaking time, and nearly 12 minute “lead” on Bechtol, he was unable to surpass the fellow Virginian at the end of the 26.2 mile trek.  Also of note, Michael mistakenly took a wrong turn along the hilly course, costing him at least a minute of additional time.
Close on their heels, in third, place was Harm Sengers of the Netherlands at an unofficial time of 2:29:23.  Sengers’ company had sent him to Chicago, IL on a business trip.  Having just completed a 42 kilometer uphill marathon in Amsterdam, Harm was up to the challenge of the hills of San Francisco, recently coined the race that “even marathoners fear” by the Wall Street Journal.  The Dutchman purchased a ticket to San Francisco for a 24 hour Marathon whirl wind, hopping on a plane to Chicago within a few hours after the race.  When asked what he thought of San Francisco, he said that it was the course “was so incredibly beautiful…I want to come back next year.”
All three competitors agreed that the foggy hills of San Francisco aptly garnered TSFM their reputation of “Worth the hurt.”
For more information on The San Francisco Marathon Race Results, please visit:
Women’s Top 3 Finishers in the Full Marathon, Unofficial Times:
Emily Hardin, Age 24, Madison, Alabama- 2:42:12
Brandy Bengoechea, Age 38, Nampa, Idaho- 2:53:26
Morgan Robinson, Age 24, San Francisco, California- 3:01:11
About The San Francisco Marathon™
Labeled “The Race Even Marathoners Fear” by the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Marathon™ enjoys success as one of America’s most challenging urban races. The San Francisco Marathon™ is the premier summertime marathon in the United States. Also, San Francisco’s blend of natural beauty, big city charm, and perfect mid-summer running temperatures make marathon running in San Francisco a truly magical albeit difficult experience. Race events include a Full marathon, two Half marathons (runners choose which half), 5K, Progressive Marathon, and the inaugural Munchkin Kids Run. The event’s unique Cause to Run program has raised over $11 million for local non-profit organizations since 2003.
The 2010 San Francisco Marathon™ is sponsored by CytoSport/Muscle Milk, Gu Energy Gel, Sports Basement, and Joint Juice. Our partners include Committed 2 Community, The San Francisco Marathon Training Program, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, Organs ‘R’ Us, The Big Rumble, and the San Francisco Amateur Radio Club.

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One Response to “Absence of Booze/Nudity/Costumes Mars 2010 San Francisco Marathon – Photos of Early Leaders”

  1. Honest Tea says:

    This was a horribly organized event and the people who wrote that press release are either horribly misinformed or flat out lying. If Bechtol started 12 mintues behind Wardian, his “official time” would have been 2:11, not 2:23. Many runners were found out on race morning that they were not allowed in wave one, despite everything “TSFM” will tell you on their website or on the materials they hand out to you, despite the fact the say wave one is not for elites, but for any runner who plans on running under 3 hours. The whole process is unclear and devious on the part of “TSFM”. I will never run this race again.

    P.S. By the way, a “green” marathon? They wasted thousands of plastic and paper cups, and filled them up with barely a swallow of water or that inpalatable cytomax. Not to mention the “samples” afterwards. Shamelessly deceitful in its promotion and details of the wave start (inexplicably at 530 am, when san francisco weather allows a marathon to be run at any time of the day), “TSFM” is not deserving even of its middle of the line reputation.