Don’t Mess with SFBikeLawyer – He’s Armed and Dangerous When Riding a Bicycle

As stated, don’t mess with the crew over at SFBikeLawyer. Why? Well, ’cause some of them are self-proclaimed  “Bike Warriors,” loaded for bear. [See comments.]

Here’s a bicycle battleaxe. And here’s part of a vignette: 

And the second the words were out of my mouth I knew that he was going to attack me..” 

And here’s a discussion on how to carry knives and how to use an improvised padlock bolo weapon. O.K. then.

via David Drexler

What’s next, full-on chocolate chip battle rattle avec AR-15?

Fiat Justitia.

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2 Responses to “Don’t Mess with SFBikeLawyer – He’s Armed and Dangerous When Riding a Bicycle”

  1. jps3 says:

    There are two of us on the blog. I am just a mild mannered and law abiding lawyer. Rory, on the other hand, is Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jeckyll.

  2. Dang, now I look stupid for sure. One more time:

    Yeah, when I come out at night it ain’t always pretty. but that has more to do with my drinking habits and my sometimes loud imagination.
    I do think that no one should be messing with anyone – bicycle riders just happen to be my rolling family.
    I would, of course, be just as quick to help any slower moving flat-footed-peoples against the “messing with” that happens when the streets go mean under the pale moon. Ask anyone that knows me, I would.