Transbay Terminal-apalooza! Thousands Say Good-Bye Today in San Francisco

I’m not sure what Ashley Harrell is talking about here, but this afternoon’s Transbay Terminalapalooza is a huge success with hundreds thousands of busfans lining up to get One Last Look at the old girl before the beginning of the destruction next month. See? The people running the name tag table are expecting over a thousand to go on these tours dealt with a couple thousand folks, per phamous Philip Ferrato.

[UPDATE: And guess who else showed up? Mayor Gavin Newsom, of all people.]

There were so many transit-heads with yuppie camera lenses* on hand, I think I’ll count on them uploading their good stuff soon. I’ll make another post with more photos later on.

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You can still get in on the fun, if you want. They’ve added more tours – maybe they’ll have room pour vous this afternoon. It’s just a short tour, telling you where they shot Pursuit of Happyness and where they chopped down support beams for the conversion from rail to bus, ‘n stuff like that.

And speaking of the homeless, this office downstairs didn’t seem all the busy today. Things have changed since they filmed that Will Smith joint:

Anyway, Will here was my tour guide:

Find the missing support beams, chopped down in the 1950’s to make way for buses: 

It’s the end of the line:

Bon Courage, people of the old, temporary, and new Transbay Terminals.

*You know, Canon’s 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2 II, 24-105mm 4.0 ‘n stuff, the ones those yuppies like…

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