Aggro SFPD Motorcycle Cop Singlehandedly Enforces a Car-Free Market Street

At first I thought I was witnessing Mid-Market Judgment Day, you know a hypothetical effort by the SFPD to enforce the rules establishing a car-free Market Street. (And by “car-free” I mean the forced turns required of drivers of private cars on inbound Market at the intersections of Sixth and Tenth.)

See all the cars turning right back there? They have no choice ’cause they can’t turn left and they can’t go straight on any of the three lanes of Market Street.

But some make a try anyway. This cop has his hands full, as you can see – he’s not done dealing with the first driver but he’s still waving people over:

Now it’s time for a brief argument about the big old barrier that tells drivers not to come this way.

I guess by coincidence, there were all sorts of Crown Vics and whatnot parked about – on the sidewalks, on the new green bike lane that cyclists prefer not to use, and all over. But this guy was acting alone, handing out citations left and right.

You’d think he might linger in such a target-rich environment, but he took off to park at the Tenth and Market intersection, probably focusing upon red light runners during the evening drive.

The gentle reminders are over, you’ve been warned…

[UPDATE:  This is a familiar scene to Andrew Sarkarati of Mission Mission]

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3 Responses to “Aggro SFPD Motorcycle Cop Singlehandedly Enforces a Car-Free Market Street”

  1. Hurr Durr says:

    “on the new green bike lane that cyclist prefer not to use”

    Thanks for the commentary. What exactly are you trying to prove here?

    Cyclists use the bike lane where it is practical. Because most cars turn off Market at this intersection the street is often a decent option, especially when there is slow moving traffic in the bicycle lane.


  2. sfcitizen says:

    Maybe the bike lane shouldn’t be walled off?