Ultra Motor’s A2B Electric Bike, the Worst Consumer Product of 2009, Spotted in 2010

Well well, has it really been a half-year since an example of the ridiculous, overweight and overpriced A2B electric bike / moped thing has been spotted on the Streets of San Francisco? Yes.

Here’s the one sighted yesterday. It’s a rental of course, but actually, that’s not a bad thing. Assuming you don’t run out of juice, renting an A2B for 69 bones doesn’t appear to be a bad way to spend a day exploring the 415 . You could easily haul on over to Sausalito (remembering to pretend to pedal – the Golden Gate Bridge people actually require this) and back without breaking a sweat.


(Take care it doesn’t get stolen, though, else they’ll charge your credit card an arm and a leg.)

O.K. then.

Now I’ll tell you, most of the people who comment about the posts made about the A2B on this website actually work (or worked) for Ultra Motor.

For example, here’s a bit from Ultra Motor Co-Founder and President Jon Bowman from earlier this year:

“Wow. You really have nothing better to do than attack what appears to be a good idea and an innovative product.”

Does that make sense? He’s berating me for criticising one of his P.O.S. products from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t work for Ultra Motor, yet he works for Ultra Motor. (Reminds me of when people at the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper would make comments on SFist claiming to work full-time for MUNI or something. They weren’t really fooling anybody…)

Anyway, a newer product Ultra Motor has is called the Excel and it’s being marketed as a $5000 electric scooter. O.K., if it makes you happy. 

The big problem with all these bikes is that they don’t sell. The fact that you have to fork over $2200 plus tax, minimum, to buy one (unless you get a deal through Craigslist ) is merely the first problem. It’s not the only problem, not at all. (Now, they have this newer model, the Velocity (Velociti?) but I ain’t never seen one of those – maybe it’s closer to being an actual electric bike…)

Oh well. Even the people who like these things don’t really like these things.

If you want an electric bike, get a Trek or something else.

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4 Responses to “Ultra Motor’s A2B Electric Bike, the Worst Consumer Product of 2009, Spotted in 2010”

  1. Paul Cruwys says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with your article. It would appear that you have a personal vendetta against Ultra Motor- but I guess that’s your business.
    I have an A2B and use it all the time for shopping, 10 miles to work and other leisure activities. Yes there were some early teething problems with the motors, but they dealt with it very quickly! I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Fair enough. Somebody in the world just loves his A2B. O.K. fine.

  3. Larry Nichols says:

    The Ultra Motor A to B is a scooter with pedals. It is to heavy to pedal and their motor problems continue to plague them. Most of their management team recently deserted the ship. Doubt you will have them to kick around much longer.

  4. ken sanders says:

    Not happy with this product try Bion X