Masonic Avenue Renderporn – Proposals to Add Medians, Drop Road Down to One Lane

This is what last night’s meeting, the Second Masonic Avenue Street Design Community Workshop, looked like. It started 15 minutes late, had a half-hour break scheduled, and it began with a rehash for all the new people. You can see their raised hands here:

Anyway, for those reasons, I didn’t stick around. But here are diagrams for the choices on offer for Masonic. You can also see them at Bike NOPA.

Actually, the City has has already decided which proposal it likes best so far. Here’s your Options Matrix, in order of preference:

And here are each of the proposals, one by one:

Click to expand. It’ll get extra big.

This one adds a huge median and brings Masonic down to one lane each way at night:

This one adds a huge median and has no room for parked cars. Note the public policy disaster Octavia Boulevard appears to be cited favourably, as if there’s nothing wrong with it:

And this one adds a bike lane to the ridiculously wide sidewalks:

But there are constraints, of course:

So there you have it. About 60-something people were on hand when I left.

The City doesn’t want three lanes of traffic using Masonic during the morning and evening drives, that much is for sure.

Something that wouldn’t take four years would be to:

Just push back the encroaching landowners, get them off of public land and then just decriminalize bikes on the sidewalks of this part of Masonic, the same way that some other sidewalks allow bikes in town. 

But that doesn’t seem to be under consideration.

Now you’d think that people at these Different Masonic meetings would make choices based upon this kind of ranking:

1. Safety

2. Flow

3. Aesthetics

But the folks that Fate allows to show up at these meetings seem to make choices based upon this ranking:

1. Aesthetics

2. Aesthetics

3. Aesthetics

O.K., we’ll see have to wait and see how this one goes.

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