Brace Yourselves! ISAPS Plastic Surgeon Convention Hits San Francisco Tomorrow

I don’t know, I wouldn’t call the huge convention of plastic surgeons that starts tomorrow at Moscone Center a “Biennial Congress,” but that’s just me. (In other news, I wouldn’t call the Oscar awards show the Academy Awards, so there you go.)

It’s all safety and science and marketing and isn’t plastic surgery great, etc…

Anyway, it’s the reason for all the hubbub in the SoMA today.

The World’s Leading Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Convene in San Francisco -The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 20th Biennial Congress – San Francisco – August 14-18, 2010

All the deets, after the jump

WHO: The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is the world’s leading international medical society for aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Founded at the United Nations in 1970, ISAPS celebrates its 40th Anniversary at an international gathering of leading plastic surgeons known for innovation, scientific breakthroughs, and expertise in various specialties within plastic surgery.  Dr. Foad Nahai, President of ISAPS (Atlanta, Georgia) and Dr. Renato Saltz, Chair of the ISAPS Scientific Program Committee (Salt Lake City, Utah) have organized a Congress that features an array of international experts that you will find in no other single location.

WHEN: The ISAPS Congress takes place in San Francisco on August 14-18.  ISAPS Congresses rotate to different continents every two years and will not return to the US until 2018.  Do not miss this exceptional opportunity to hear firsthand what is happening in the world of plastic surgery.

WHAT: First Global Summit on Patient Safety – August 14 – 12:30-6:30

The Congress kicks off with a first-of-its-kind Global Summit on Patient Safety and for the first time in the history of the profession brings together leaders from a variety of fields that impact ISAPS’ key mission: patient safety. In his invitation to participants, Dr. Nahai observed, “We have invited representatives from the worlds of international plastic surgery and anesthesiology, as well as legislators and representatives from the insurance, tourism and cosmetic drug and device industries.” Since his invitation went out, dozens of experts who rarely appear on the same program have accepted, and, as Dr. Nahai observed, “We could think of no better way to celebrate ISAPS’ 40th Anniversary than by making a bit of history in San Francisco in the realms of patient education and safety.”

ISAPS SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: The ISAPS Congress Scientific Program is an important source of information. “Expect the best and brightest in our profession, to share what is happening in their countries,” noted Dr. Saltz in a recent interview. “Scientific programs at ISAPS Congresses are always compelling. This year we have 386 distinct papers being presented by more than 100 practicing plastic surgeons, from 44 countries.”

How to Access Summit Topics and Scientific Papers:  The full Scientific Program and a complete list of Speakers and Panelists at the Global Summit on Patient Safety are available at:

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