Sneaking Into Outside Lands 2010 – People are Going Under the Wire Already

[UPDATE: Kids, this is an old post by now. Ya gots to check the update for 2011.]

[UPDATE: Some people are now reporting that sneaking in is “pretty much impossible,” or that it’s possible but that it carries risks like being jailed and having to come up with bail(!) and/or being attacked by German shepherd(!) dogs. See the comments. For example, did any of these people get jailed? And are there really three perimeter fences? I don’t know, I saw scores of people sneaking in with no apparent problems. Wuballin, for one, says he’s, “sneaking into outside lands for free, 2nd day in a row, that how we do it in the bay.“]

I’ll tell you, that eight-foot cyclone fence surrounding the 2010 Outside Lands music festival looks impressive at first, but already there’s evidence of fans going over the wire, under the wire and through the wire.

Here’s  the scene at 11:00AM-something, while the bands were warming up.

The Department of Recreation and Parks loses another five bucks:

Click to expand

Is sneaking in a victimless crime, like punching someone in the dark? Oh well.

Anyway, one of the bands was warming up with Here Comes the Sun. That’s apropopriate but a tad on the optimistic side…

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5 Responses to “Sneaking Into Outside Lands 2010 – People are Going Under the Wire Already”

  1. Kharis says:

    Next year they’ll electrify the fence. The stench of burnt flesh will meld nicely with the aroma of untreated sewage from the nearby plant.

  2. outsiders2010 says:

    There are 3 fences to get through before you reach the field through those woods. Good luck! The fine is high and the penalty is [no joke] an arrest. As funny or low-game as it may seem, the security, mounted patrol, and police officers don’t take it as lightly as you.

    I say take the chance. I like hearing how many of you end up paying more in bail money than ticket fees. =)

  3. Tarurra Bankhead says:

    What, no land mines?!?!? How lax.

  4. Diana T. says:

    i got caught twice today :/ couldnt get past the 2nd fence.. got escorted out by mounted patrol. but at the end of the night every just said fuck it and bum rushed the fences by the main stage and i got in :) all security can do if its a group of people climbing over the fences is shake it and try to pull you down. if not all some will get in. dont bother climbing through the forest, four fences is a waste of time. by the time you get past the 2nd there’s some areas with german shepards.

  5. Diana T. says:

    Got in again today. had to dig my nail into the security guy that tackled me then lifted me up off the ground & grabbed my hoodie and choked me. i stop trying to fight him off and just grabbed people near by from the crowd and finally people came up to him and just started telling him to let me go but he wouldnt until another security guy told him to. he was like a 210 lb mexican dude and im a 115 lb asian girl. I WON :)