Tortilla Conspiracy Takes Over the Levi’s Workshop on Valencia – Printing with Chocolate and Juice

Our coporate overlords seem to be making the most of the temporary Levi’s Workshop down in the Mission.

The latest joint was called MISSION ICONS IN A TIME OF CHANGE.

Is this print from chocolate or beet juice? Don’t know.

Get all the deets, after the jump.

“Here are photos taken during MISSION ICONS IN A TIME OF CHANGE, the free art exhibition by
progressive local artists that explored the ever-changing nature of San Francisco’s Mission district.
The Tortilla Conspiracy, a performance project that screenprinted food-based ink (chocolate and beet juice)
directly onto tortillas, took place while special tequila drinks were being served.

Also revealed and celebrated were the newly created works by local printmakers Juan Fuentes, Txutxo
Perez, Ivan Lopez, Rachel Anne Palacios, Ana Teresa Fernandez
and Jos Sances.

This event was co-presented by Galeria de la Raza, Alliance Graphics, Sub-Mission Gallery, and Artillery
and curated by Rene and Rio Yanez who partnered with Plaza Adelante, the 19th Street
Community Center, to make this event happen.

WHERE IT HAPPENED:      Levi’s® Workshops – Print Shop // 580 Valencia Street (cross street is 17th Street) // San Francisco, California 94110

About the Levi’s® Workshops
Since its inception in 1873 as one of the original purveyors of American workwear, the Levi’s® brand has been the uniform of choice for great American pioneers. Levi’s® jeans have been worn by the craftsmen, laborers and artisans who helped define the cultural landscape in America and have shaped the energy and events of our times. The Levi’s® brand celebrates a new generation of pioneers and creative communities across the country with their Levi’s® Workshops. Taking a new, innovative approach to integrating community involvement with retailing, the first Levi’s® Workshop is currently open in San Francisco followed by a second expression of the program later this fall in New York City. The Levi’s® Workshops are multi-use spaces, featuring a functional workshop, community event space and retail storefront. Each Workshop is designed to focus on a specific craft including printmaking in the San Francisco Workshop and photography in the New York City shop. To read more about the Workshop in San Francisco visit

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