PG&E is Going All Out to Get You to Loooooove SmartMeters – Testing Old Meters Side-By-Side

I’m not exactly sure what you people are worried about with the new SmartMeters from our corporate overlords at Pigs, Giraffes, and Elephants. One issue is radiation. Really? Can a frequency make you sick?

“Hart says the electromagnetic frequency, the EMF, which is used to remotely send information from the SmartMeter on the side of your home to PG&E can make people sick.”

I don’t think so, pardner. Anyway, concerns persist over the electromagnetic fields surrounding these rigs. So, PG&E is taking steps today to make sure you get all the paliative cliches you can handle. Read all about what they’re going to do after the jump.

Now, the other issue people seem to have is meter accuracy. So, get ready for the Old vs. New side-by-side test results.

Some Californians have two meters metering just to prove that SmartMeters work:

Seems pretty close to me but, as always, You Make The Call:

Data ending 8/10/2010
Data ending 8/3/2010
Data ending 7/27/2010
Data ending 7/20/2010
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All right, all the deets of SmartMeter Best Practices after the jump. 

PG&E Forms New Advisory Group to Ensure That SmartMeter(TM) Program Follows Best Practices for Customers

New Panel of Experts, Customers and Regulators Will Help Guide Utility’s Meter Rollout

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced today the formation of the SmartMeter(TM) Technical Advisory Panel (TAP), a group of experts, regulators, business stakeholders and customers, to review the impact of PG&E’s SmartMeter(TM) program on customers and help the utility follow best practices while rolling out the program across PG&E’s service area.

Today’s announcement is the latest step by PG&E to enhance customers’ experience of the SmartMeter(TM) program. Other measures adopted by the utility over the past few months include increasing the number of Customer Answer Centers throughout new deployment areas, creating a dedicated SmartMeter(TM) customer call center, and adding more dedicated and trained SmartMeter(TM) customer service representatives.

The new advisory panel will be moderated by Bill Devereaux, senior director of PG&E’s SmartMeter(TM) program. Members include a customer from one of PG&E’s regional Customer Advisory Panels, PG&E’s Customer Outreach team, Chris Danforth of the Division of Ratepayer Advocates, David Hungerford of the California Energy Commission, Aloke Gupta of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Energy Division and Erich Gunther of Enerex.

“As we continue to expand the customer benefits of our SmartMeter(TM) program and participate in the state’s evolution toward a smart grid for all Californians, we want to make sure our technology rollout empowers our customers to take charge of their energy use, follows the best practices available, and helps California achieve a low-carbon, clean-energy economy,” said Devereaux. “The Technical Advisory Panel will ensure that PG&E hears a wide range of opinions on the meter program and the future of the smart grid. They will have our customers first and foremost on their minds.”

The panel will help PG&E build on the many program improvements the company has already adopted to enhance customer service, which include:

 —  Increasing the number of Answer Centers, and adding 165 customer
     service representatives, so customers get prompt, personal answers to
     their questions and concerns.
 —  Creating a dedicated SmartMeter(TM) call center to ensure speedy,
     expert handling of customers’ specialized issues regarding
     SmartMeter(TM) devices.
 —  Introducing a set of new communications timed to introduce customers
     to their newly installed meter and its benefits.
 —  Communicating with customers multiple times, and in multiple ways,
     about their new meter and how it can empower them to control and
     reduce their energy use.
 —  Calling all customers who receive an estimated bill for two billing
     cycles, to explain the reasons for the bill estimate and facilitate
     payment arrangements.
 —  Posting online the results of our side-by-side meter demonstrations,
     which can be found on our website at

PG&E continues to make public monthly reports on SmartMeter(TM) program milestones and key developments that it has been providing to the CPUC and its Division of Ratepayer Advocates (an independent division of the Commission that advocates on behalf of customers). The reports are available on PG&E’s website at Additionally, PG&E updates program deployment, billing and performance statistics weekly at

About PG&E’s SmartMeter(TM) Program

PG&E’s SmartMeter(TM) program is part of a statewide effort approved by the CPUC to upgrade California’s energy infrastructure with automated metering technology. This technology is the cornerstone of the smart grid that will modernize the electric system to be stronger, smarter and more efficient. The SmartMeter(TM) program is also essential to encouraging growth in renewable energy sources, laying the foundation for a low-carbon economy and empowering consumers to understand and reduce their energy use and monthly costs. The overall program budget and rollout timeline, set in 2005, remains on target. PG&E continues to seek additional program efficiencies.

About Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG), is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, with 20,000 employees, the company delivers some of the nation’s cleanest energy to 15 million people in Northern and Central California. For more information, visit
Source: Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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2 Responses to “PG&E is Going All Out to Get You to Loooooove SmartMeters – Testing Old Meters Side-By-Side”

  1. valeri hood says:

    We need to get our facts straight here- PG&E is a multinational corporation- going around and gobbling up other energy companies world wide. This is a paradigm shift- they are moving from the curb right into your home- and they say there is no opt out. Go to and read all about it. Then call PG&E and tell them to put you on their delay list- if your town is Fairfax, you have some lawmakers who listen to you- we have a one year moratorium and are DEMANDING health studies- the CPUC is in bed with PG&E- ask chairman Peevey to show you his photo with his arm around the chair of PG&E- is that how you want your public oversight commissioners to demonstrate their ‘objectivity’??
    Valeri in Fairfax

  2. Donna says:

    Yeah, I agree with Valeri Hood. I believe that the CPUC is in bed wtih PG&E . After Prop. 16 is dead. Why can’t I choose low price electric other company than pg&e?
    not possbile to remove smart meter.