Now That Michela Alioto-Pier is Out of the District 2 Supe Race, Mark Farrell Emerges as the Interesting Candidate

Almost feel as if I owe our City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera (who is certainly on the list of the smartest pols in town)* an apology for thinking he was tilting at windmills by pursuing the whole Michela Alioto Pier appointed-to-a-term-of-more-than-two-years thing.**

Anywho, feel free to read all three press releases I just received on this matter.

Now, on to new bidness. What up, Mark Farrell? (He’s going house to house, door to door these days – see  Comments.) Is he the dark horse?

“As fundraising leaders, we have raised more than any other candidate in this race and have over 750 individual donors – half of which are in District 2 and San Francisco.”

O.K. then. Of course he lacks the official embrace from that “Politburo” known as the Central Committee (aka DCCC), ’cause Janet Reilly has that all locked-up lock, stock, and barrel. But who knows what will happen with this race. 

We’ll find out more at the next big debate emceed by Sweet Melissa Griffin. (You’d think they’d have one skedded soon…)

Now, as promised, the dueling press releases, starting with this classy and pithy bit from MAP herself:

“I believed and continued to believe that the intent of the voters as reflected in the plain language of our city charter allows me to run for second four year term.  While I am disappointed in the outcome, I of course respect the judicial process. I will continue to work hard for the residents of my district and the people of San Francisco for the remainder of my time in office.”

And here’s the reaction from Mark (and not Mike, oh no) Farrell:

“With today’s decision by the California Supreme Court not to review the California Appellate Court’s decision regarding the eligibility of Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier in the District 2 Supervisor race, our campaign is beginning the final campaign sprint towards Election Day. 
I would like to state, unequivocally, that I am an ardent and vocal supporter of Supervisor Alioto-Pier and I am proud to call her my friend.  As a fellow native San Franciscan, I believeshe has represented the values of District 2 in City Hall, and I hope she will continue to seek out new opportunities to serve our City.
From Day 1, our campaign has been about bringing a neighborhood voice and returning real financial and budget experience back to City Hall.  I believe more than ever that my background as an attorney, finance professional and small business owner is exactly what we need at the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco, and I will work tirelessly until Election Day to ensure this message is heard throughout District 2.
We are excited about how far we have come in this race and we know how much we have accomplished:

·         As fundraising leaders, we have raised more than any other candidate in this race and have over 750 individual donors – half of which are in District 2 and San Francisco.
·         Our incredible field campaign has identified thousands of voters, garnered hundreds of volunteers and has captains in every one of our 60 precincts.
And now, we have polling data which shows, in real numbers, how much we have accomplished and how voters want real change – not the typical “institutional” political candidates that seek office simply out of a desire to become politicians.  San Francisco voters want a new direction for our City government, and I am running to bring their voice to City Hall.
Thank you to my supporters, friends and volunteers for sticking with us throughout this entire time.  Thank you to my amazing staff who have worked hard every day to keep us in the best position to win this race. 
To my wife Liz, my Mom and Dad and my children Madison and Jack, thank you for all you have done to get us to this point.  I love you all very, very much!
Now, with fewer than 9 weeks left, we have a lot of work to do – I am excited, motivated, and look forward to seeing everyone out on the campaign trail!”

And get the statement from Dennis Jose Herrera, after the jump.

* Along with, and in no particular order, Rafael Mandelman, Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu, David Chiu, David Campos, Eric Mar, and Phil Ting, among others.

** I don’t know, if I were charged by the electorate the task of delivering empty bottles of milk to everyone in town every morning, I’d just do it. I wouldn’t speculate on what they really meant, I wouldn’t guess and give them something sensible like 2%, I’d just give them exactly what they ordered. But that’s just me.  

Supreme Court denies Alioto-Pier petition, conclusively affirming voter-approved Board term limits. High Court’s rejection lets stand last week’s unanimous appellate court decision vindicating City Attorney’s 2008 opinion on ‘rounding up rule’

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept 1, 2010)—The California Supreme Court today denied without comment Sup. Michela Alioto-Pier’s petition for review and stay of a unanimous appellate court ruling that last week restored the legal effect of the “rounding-up rule” for term limits for members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  The rule provides that if an appointed incumbent serves more than two years of a term, it counts as a full four-year term for purposes of term limits.  In rejecting the appeal, the high court has effectively affirmed the legal opinion of City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office, which advised Alioto-Pier in February 2008 that she was ineligible to seek another term on the board in 2010 under the City Charter’s term limits provisions. 
“Michela Alioto-Pier is someone I’ve regarded as an ally on important issues, from protecting public safety to fighting to shut down the Mirant Power Plant,” said Herrera.  “While we obviously disagreed on the interpretation of the City’s term limits law, I have always respected her right to pursue this dispute in the courts.  I know most San Franciscans join me in thanking her for her service to our City, and I hope there will be other opportunities for us to benefit from her leadership in the future.”
The case is Arntz v. Superior Court, California Supreme Court Case No. S105808.  Additional documentation is available on the City Attorney’s Web site at

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4 Responses to “Now That Michela Alioto-Pier is Out of the District 2 Supe Race, Mark Farrell Emerges as the Interesting Candidate”

  1. Kyle M. says:

    Mark visited me Saturday afternoon doing his door to door routine and we had a nice chat. He actually wanted to know what was important to me, in this neighborhood. I’ve been in this neighborhood for 39 years and nobody has ever done that. (Geez, I might as well live in Fairfield or something!)

    Of course, Mark is one of those rare guys who lacks the Politburo endorsement, so he actually has to work for votes. I live three blocks away from Janet Reilly’s burned-out HQ and I think it’s safe to say that I will never see her.

    Mark strikes me as a smart, level-headed sort that I can give a chance. That he actually grew up in the neighborhood that he represents is a friggin’ miracle in San Francisco.

  2. gdewar says:

    Funny how Michela never minded getting a DCCC endorsement in the past, but now the one time she doesn’t get it, she has to get all sour grapes. Not exactly statesperson like.

    Mark has a good campaign team in place, and they’ve been running full throttle since January, Alioto or no. That says a lot.

  3. Mark will surprise everyone by winning this race. He is working harder than anyone, and he is a great fit for District 2 in terms of positions on issues.