San Francisco Zine Fest 2010 a Huge Success – Knitted Squid Best in Show – Continues Tomorrow

Can you guess who was at San Francisco Zine-Fest 2010 in Golden Gate Park today? Well, everybody was there – people like Independent Writing and Editing Professional Susie Cagle and a host of others. Check out the deets after the jump.

They’ll be back at it tomorrow, Sunday, September 5, 2010.

See you there!

Recycling the banner from Zine-Fest 2009:

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The County Fair Building, aka the Hall of Flowers, was all filled up:


Here’s your Best in Show, a laughing, or whimsical at the very least, squid from Beasts of Eden: “Art and accessories, toys and zines, handmade things that our little minds scheme!”

They also knit scary Venus Flytraps:

All the deets here and after the jump.

San Francisco Zine Fest

Saturday, September 4 from 11:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday, September 5 from 11:00am – 6:00pm

SF County Fair Building

(formerly the Hall of Flowers)

9th Ave. at Lincoln Way. (in Golden Gate Park)

Zine Fest is returning this Labor Day weekend! The San Francisco Zine Fest will be back on September 4 & 5 for our ninth annual celebration of small press, zines, comics, and all things DIY at the San Francisco County Fair Building, in Golden Gate Park. As always, the Zine Fest is free and open to the public! Over 100 smallpress and DIY creators will be selling, trading, and otherwise sharing their work with over two thousand attendees.

The Zine Fest serves as a vital annual showcase of the diversity, creativity, and ongoing exuberance of the small-press movement. This year the Zine Fest has sold out of exhibitor spaces over two months before the show, a clear sign of the growing interest for zines and small-press publishing. The exhibitors range from established small-press publishing houses including RE/Search Publications, Microcosm, AK Press, Sparkplug Comics, and Tugboat Press to first time self-publishers and creators. Writers, cartoonists, crafters, illustrators, printmakers, and all manner of artists will be in attendance. While the majority of the exhibitors hail from the Bay Area and West Coast, creators from across the U.S. and beyond will be in attendance.

Special Guests

Artnoose is best known as the creator of the long-running Ker-bloom! zine. With new issues reliably appearing every other month since 1996, each copy of Ker-Bloom!is simultaneously an elegant art object (the entire text is letterpress-printed on a Chandler & Price platen press from hand-set type) and a carefully-crafted glimpse into Artnoose’s intellectual, philosophical, and emotional life. Artnoose has also been a frequent contributor to the Slingshot Organizer and many other publications. Although she moved to Pittsburgh PA in 2007 after many years in the East Bay, she still misses you all. Well, most of you.

Jesse Reklaw has been active in the DIY/self-publishing community for over 20 years, while also negotiating a career in the other-people-publishing business. His self-syndicated comic strip Slow Wave, currently printed by six alternative newsweeklies, has been collected in two volumes (The Night of Your Life and Dreamtoons). His popular zine Applicant, after outlasting 1000 hand-assembled copies, was published by Microcosm in 2006. Today Jesse lives in Portland, OR where he teaches comics at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC). Recently he self-published a 384-page diary comic called Ten Thousand Things to Do.

V. Vale is undoubtedly one of the central figures in San Francisco’s cultural landscape and in the world of the alternative press in general. The founder and publisher of
Re/Search and the creator of the legendary Bay Area punk zine Search & Destroy, Vale has built a remarkable legacy as a connective link between the Beat Generation, punk, and many other corners of alternative culture. He has published the work of creators such as William S. Burroughs (pictured with Vale, left), J.G. Ballard, Charles Gatewood, James Stark, and many others. Vale is also the editor of many now-classic books, zines, and other media, including Pranks, Modern Primitives, Incredibly Strange Music, and Zines! Vol. 1 & 2. RE/Search recently released Burning Man Live!, a collection of the long-running Piss Clear zine.


*Exhibitors listed in bold have work in the SFZF Reading Room!

1984 Printing
Woman-owned company: commercial printing on recycled papers using soy-based inks.

Anon zine, self-published art books, handbound books, mixed-media artwork, from the heart and hands of an artist & art therapist.

Agent Agnes
We’re a collectively run book publisher and distributor, specializing in anarchist and radical books, zines, dvds, shirts, you name it..

AK Press
Narrative fiction comics, sequential art books, personal zines; life, love, and the pursuit of a modicum of personal contentment.

Amara Rinne/Carineco
Zines and handmade goods.

Andrice Arp
Comics, original art, and handmade items featuring my artwork.

Attempted Not Known

Awesome Stuff
We make zines, posters, and DIY optronica. We are a local art collective.

Bay Area Artists Unite (BAAU)
Comic artists’ collective.

Beasts of Eden
Art and accessories, toys and zines, handmade things that our little minds scheme!

Photography zine.

Black Rain Press
Self-publishing project for journalist and author Michael Steinberg.

New Underground & Alternative Comics.

ButterSwordis a daily comic journal both printed as a zine and as an online webcomic.

The CAliCO Umbrella Collective
DIY artists from CA and CO.

Susie Cagle

Benjamin Chan
I am a screenprinter and overall visual artist. I make prints of the city of Oakland and other printmaking and drawing experiments.

Clit Comix
Clit comix is the unwanted lovechild of Quintessa Matranga and April Thompson. It is considered the FUBU of raunchy females.

ClownHead Productions
Omnibus of Fun zine is a review/personal zine that details my interests in various types of pop culture (comics, zines, film/video).

The Company
The Moon landing was a hoax and I have the proof!

Crappy Comics – Tim Root/ Stun Nuts – C.CillaTo make at least one comic somebody’ll like, even then… who cares.

Crosshatch Collective
3 Oakland-based writers/photographers/badass chicks.

Crude Dude Comix
Underground humor comics.

The Cubby Missalette
A zine – an offering – a labor of love – a way of life.

Dismal Things
I make stuffed monsters, wire figures, paintings, cute creepy art. It’s fun.

Doctor Popular
Comics and Crafts.

Drippy Bone Books
An art zine & comix publisher w/hubs in Amsterdam/Denver/Los Angeles. If you crave new weirdness and ooze for art then Drippy Bone Books is for you.

We make prints, sculptures, & t-shirts.

Endless Canvas
Two years of graffiti/street art documentation from three photographers.

Everybody Get Up
We make a zine based on street and low brow art. We also have a gallery in Alameda, CA.

False Start Books & Zines
FS brings together the best of the best art zines and old school punk & perzines!

Family Style
Handmade comics and zines.

Fixed Gear Gal
Plush monsters, mini paintings, parenting zines.

Flash Publications
Photography books.

The Force of Nature/Dalawa Jewelry
Zines by The Force of Nature and handmade jewlery by Dalawa.

The Forsley Brothers
Original art + comics.

Gimme Brains!!! Distro
Zines and crafty things.

Global Hobo
Distro for numerous self-published comics from all above.

Rani Goel
Design candy.

Vintage zines.


Happy Freak Show
Humorous anthology mini-comic.

Happy Grenade
Comics, prints, magic!

Prints and zines.

Fine artist/illustrator, comics, prints, shirts.

Hooded Fang
Handmade collage and zines.

I Know What I’m Doing
Fiction + non-fiction + good.

I Wish I Had a Penguin Friend
Autobiographical comics, illustrations, art prints, mostly humorous.

Imaginary Windows
Feminist & art perzines, 1 of a kind zines, books, fiber missives, and ephemera.

Kid Beowulf
All-ages graphic novel series.

King-Cat Comics
Zines & books, and miscellaneous.

Brian Kolm/Atomic Bear Press
Comics, art, prints, stuff.

Love Bunni Press
A loose confederation of painters, artists, writers, photographers and designers.

Karen Luk & Karen Krajenbrink
Creators of whimsical & thoughtful illustrations and comics.

Kane Lynch & Sophie Yanow

Map of Fog
True life stories of Life in SF.

Amy Martin Comics

Melaina Comics
Comics and other autobiographical art.

Publisher and distributor of zines & books that try to rule your world.

Milk and Tea Books
Zines and minicomics.

Miss Sequential
Cute auto-bio comics/zines/illustrated stuff.

Mark Miyake
Books, comics, zines, paintings, finger puppets, buttons, and more.

Mockery Press
Comics, crafts, and typewriters.

Monkey & Seal

Monstark Studios
I create weird and monstrous art & art products.

Motormouth Press LLC
artist books and food-themed greeting cards.

M.P.I./Riding on the Rails
M.P.I. is the brainchild of street artists James Joesph. Riding on the Rails is a mixed-media piece that includes a 16 pg. zine/1 DVD, and 1 CD.

Murder Can Be Fun

Nerd Jerk & Friends
Geeky crochet toys, rad comics, awesome embroidered stationery, & silkscreened t-shirts.

NewLights Press
The NewLights Press is an independent publisher of experimental literature and artists’ books, concentrating on where the two overlap. It was founded in Baltimore, MD in 2000 and currently resides in Oakland, CA.

No Cash Comics
Self-published comics and artwork.

Jen Oaks
Art prints & comics!

Ogner Stump
Weird comix.

Out of Our
San Francisco-based quarterly poetry zine.

Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk
Xeric Award-winning historical fiction about a Shaolin monk in 17th century China.

Thien Pham
Books, comics, zines, paintings, finger puppets, buttons, and more.

Kimmy Phi
Handmade wallets and fun paper goods.

Lark Pien
Books, comics, zines, paintings, finger puppets, buttons, and more.

PM Press
Print that matters.

Book/forms, drawings, paperdolls.

Rad Dad Zine
Radical parenting.

Joey Alison Sayers

Homemade comix, found photo zines & art zines, handmade puppets.

Ansel Schmidt
Small zine and postcards.

School Daze Zine
Zine/mini-comic about being a middle school teacher in Los Angeles.

A how-to and project based zine for crafters and paper artists.

A comic that is both hilarious & delightful.

SLAB Comics
Wholesome and fragmented comics.

Elle Skinner
I’m an indy comic artist selling comics, minicomics, postcards, small art, and comic-theme jewelry that I’ve made.

Joel Michael Smith & Marty May
Artist, illustrator, wood burner.

Sparkplug Comic Books
Comics + zine distro + publishing.

Spit and a Half
Zines & comix.

Splendor / Weasels
Personal zines.

StreetWorthy Zine
Writing and art by the young and struggling.

Sturdy Comics
Mini-comics, prints, t-shirts.

Zines, artists’ books, artistamps.

Tugboat Press
We publish the comic anthology Papercutterand the minicomic Clutch.

Two Fine Chaps
Book makers and Illustrators and Printers.

Untold Tales
Fritz Bogott write terrifying tales of monsters, motorhomes, scungilli, and chagrin.

Mary Van Note
Zines and crafts by comedienne/artist Mary Van Note.

François Vigneault
Urbane comic books and bird-watching zines.

Malachi Ward

We’ll Never Have Paris
Nonfiction literary journal published 2x a year.

Cate White
Books & Zines.

Weird Fishes/Jamaica Dyer
Comic books, art, and screenprinted t-shirts.

Work Clothes
Original screen print shirts, posters and books.

Working Title
Metawriting, metaprocess, metameta.

ZFA Works
Creators of Zeldatron comics + videos.

Zines On Toast Tour
A zine tour featuring Alex Wrekk (Brainscan & Stolen Sharpie Revolution), lsy Morgenmuffel (Morgenmuffel), Steve Larder (Rum Lad), Tom Fiction, & Edd Baldry (Last Hours).

2009 Exhibitors list

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