Retrospecticus: SFPD Chief George Gascón’s New Report About His First Year On the Job

The SFPD‘s George Gascón has a new joint – it’s a 13-page restrospective of his first year as a Chief of Police protecting “1.2 million” people.

Now, last I heard, San Francisco had a population of 700-thousand-something souls. The explanation: 

“Population of 1.2 million includes 808,000 residents and the additional visitor and daytime commuter population.”

Oh, O.K. then.

Here he is – it’s GC with Jim “The Hammer” Hammer from last year:

Now, do you like different kinds of fonts? Well the font used on the cover looks like it went on a diet:

All right, here’s the first part of the report, but you’ll have to click on over to see the whole thing.


“On August 7, 2009, Chief George Gascón was sworn-in to lead the San Francisco Police Department, an organization with 2,800 talented
employees and a rich 160-year history, serving 1.2 million people2 in a diverse world-class metropolis.

MISSION: To Make San Francisco the Safest Large City in the Nation.

“This is an incredibly forward-thinking city, this is a world-class city. There is no reason why we should not
be the safest large city in the country.” Chief George Gascón


To progress towards the mission of making San Francisco the safest large city in the nation, the SFPD has embraced the Chief’s core principles of Smart Policing Innovations, Community Engagement, and Accountability. We currently face the realities of shrinking municipal resources combined with rapidly evolving threats to public health and safety. Consequently, an improved understanding of and relationship to the communities we serve, a commitment to openness and transparency, and a relentless drive towards innovation and efficiency as a means to do more with less have become the necessary principles which guide both daily operations and long-term strategy.

Below are first year goals which set a foundation for achieving our ambitious mission – which can only be accomplished by working in partnership with the community, the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Police Commission, and through the daily commitment of our uniformed and civilian men and women. Please note, these goals were achieved without a net increase in General Fund appropriations.


✓ Made Solid Progress: Reduced total Part 1 Violent and Property Crimes by 7.7%.
❖ Awarded Federal Department of Justice “Outstanding Local Police Department” for Zone Enforcement Strategy.
❖ Implemented comprehensive CompStat and BRICC crime and operational analysis innovations.
❖ Decentralized Inspectors to district stations and Reorganized the Investigations Bureau.
❖ Instituted Strategic Deployment of officers utilizing CompStat and BRICC data, information from the community (including Text-A-Tip), while working within staffing and resource limitations.
❖ Began increasing sworn capacity via programs such as the Civilian Investigator Pilot Program.
❖ Implemented Technological Reforms to automate manual processes such as Booking, Payroll, and Police Report systems.


✓ Accomplished: Instituted major initiatives to strengthen community involvement and trust.
❖ Improving community relations was structurally instituted in the SFPD with, among other efforts, the establishment of a dedicated
Community Relations Unit and the Community Police Advisory Boards within each of our ten district stations.
❖ Improved Media Relations via more open communication and the utilization of social networks.


✓ Accomplished: Implemented reforms and process improvements to increase transparency and control within the Department.
❖ Worked with Police Commission to Improve Discipline Case Management which has reduced case backlog.
❖ Implemented Proactive Accountability Mechanisms, including a robust Early Intervention System, systematic Policy Review, and
Operational Audits.
❖ Openly and quickly implemented reforms in response to Crime Lab and Brady Issues.
❖ Reorganized Department to three Offices to improve control and align functions.

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