Heavy Dolphin Traffic Under the Golden Gate Bridge – Another Photo from David Yu

Or, make that light dolphin traffic. Pretty cool either way.

Swimming past the PG&E Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Via David Yu. Click to expand

Now, here’s one swimming west in the opposite lane, from back in the day from Lands End:

Yes, this critter has a mottled appearance. That’s the way they is sometimes.

But you stand a better chance of seeing dolphins and porpoiseses from the west si-iiide of town, from Ocean Beach and Fort Funston. See?

(Now, why did we name an entire fort after that Filipino Killing Cracker?) Anyway, here’s the view, sometimes:

While Dad’s off having sex with other dolphins, Mom sticks around to raise the kids.

That’s your San Francisco Cetacean Traffic Update. Keep a look-out. Send in your great shots!

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