Drop Your MUNI Clipper Card into Acetone to Reveal Its RFID Chip. Then, Make a Clipper Bracelet!

[Sofauxboho has risen to the challenge – won’t you join him?]

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that you want to cut up your bulky MUNI Clipper Card to make it smaller, right?

Like the way Flickrer Global X tried:

“As I am trying to limit the number of credit and payment cards I am carrying in my wallet, I decided to experiment with my San Francisco MUNI card. What would happen if I were to tape the RFID chip on the back of my Palm Pre –would I still be able to pay when I get on the bus? First, I cut the chip off the Translink card (now called Clipper). Then I taped it on the back of my Palm Pré while still allowing the back to close properly. Then I got on the bus.”

Via Global X

The problem with that is that it doesn’t work.

But here’s what you do, you get out your Clipper / Translink card and you toss it into some acetone, you dig? All the kids are doing it.*


Famous Akit of Akit’s Complaint Department** just learned me this.

Here’s what you get after you give your card an acetone bath. You just peel et voila:

You could put your freed RFID chip avec antenna into a fashionable bracelet and impress all your friends. Or just tape it to your mobile. (Or perhaps you could have it implanted just under your skin?)

Now I’d try this myself but I’m still boycotting the MUNI so my virginal Clipper can’t be used for testing.  But you, you be my guest.

Try it!

*All the kids are _not_ doing this. Use caution. 

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3 Responses to “Drop Your MUNI Clipper Card into Acetone to Reveal Its RFID Chip. Then, Make a Clipper Bracelet!”

  1. Shawn Clover says:

    What happens when you get off muni at powell st and encounter the muni cop checking transfers who asks to see you clipper card?

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Uh oh. Well, it should be scannable, nevertheless….

  3. […] to use acetone to separate the layers of the card. Then peel out the chip and antenna together. http://sfcitizen.com/blog/2010/0…Insert a dynamic date here BIU     @   @ ReferenceEdit […]