Sunday Streets Western Addition 2010 a Moderate Success in the Western Addition

The turnout at Sunday Streets Western Addition 2010 was affected a bit by the soggy weather, but oh well. 

DPW set up a place on Fillmore where you could tag legally.

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Fillmore Street had the biggest crowd:

OTOH, Japantown was a ghost town and on Golden Gate, it was hard to tell that there was a Sunday Streets going on at all.

Golden Gate Avenue pretty much served as a connector betwixt the eastern Western Addition and the western Western Addition – the Chairman Bao truck was the only draw. Where’s WaldoThornly?


Rizzo! (Avec aide Tom Taylor.)


Walgreens! (Avec UCSF pharmacy students doing health screenings – Walgreen swag is always the best, BTW…)

I don’t think the grassy Panhandle was prepared to deal with both rain and the heavy traffic – a muddy mess was the result. (I says to myself, early on, I says, “Man, that’s going to get muddy.)

Having the route go up and down Fillmore turned out better than the original plan of using Steiner. (By the way, Steiner is an awesome alternative to using Fillmore on an everyday basis, whether you’re driving or riding.)

Speaking of the route, it’d probably be better to have fewer choices on which way to go. Seems as if there was a big effort to make sure all sorts of places were included.

So that’s SS WA 10. See you next year!

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One Response to “Sunday Streets Western Addition 2010 a Moderate Success in the Western Addition”

  1. Al says:

    Best part was people coming out of their houses to barbecue, play music and sell lemonade. Too bad about the weather.

    One more this year, in the tenderloin. Should be interesting.