Senator Leland Yee Stars at Small No On Prop B Rally in the Inner Sunset – Wolfman Shows Up as Well

Boy, the metaphors are just flying out of the No On B campaign this week. Here’s their website.

Now, just a few days ago, this crowd was describing Proposition B as a “Trojan horse,” but that just got switched to “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Read on.

Ninth and Lincoln this AM – a dreaded sunny day:

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Lots of press and about ten union guys holding signs…

…in front of pharmacy, hence the term “bad medicine.”

And oh, here’s Prop B personified:

NB: There’s NB on the scene:

Two thumbs up from the wolf.

And then they were off down Irving:

Here’s some of the lit:

And here’s the pitch, after the jump

Campaign To Defeat Prop B Gains Momentum
Volunteers Walk 300 Precincts; TV Ad Airs

Opponents: “Trojan Horse” Would Double Health Care Costs

San Francisco, CA – A broad coalition of volunteers working against Proposition B – including
firefighters, teachers, and nurses – have walked over 300 precincts in the last five days,
distributing thousands of door-hangers [attached as a PDF]. An anti-Prop B advertisement has
also begun airing on dozens of television stations:

Backers are billing the November 2 ballot measure as “pension reform” but opponents point out
that it is in fact a huge increase in health care costs that forces employees to pay out of pocket for
their family‟s health care coverage.

“Prop B is a Trojan horse,” said Juliet Delasantos, a nursing assistant. “They‟re calling it
„pension reform‟ because it sounds good, but don‟t be fooled – what this really does is take away
health care from children.”

City officials agree with Delasantos. The city controller says that over 70% of Prop B‟s savings
would come from health care, not retirement. The result:

Prop B would double the cost of children‟s health care for over 20,000 people including
teachers, nurses, firefighters, custodians, and gardeners – regardless of their ability to pay.
Prop B would force a single mother with one child to pay up to $5,600 more per year for
health care – in addition to the $8,154 she already pays.
Prop B would force a nursing assistant making $40,000 per year to the pay the same hike in
health premiums as the top brass.

San Francisco‟s most fiscally responsible leaders such as Mayor Gavin Newsom, Senator Leland
Yee, and Supervisors Sean Elsbernd and Carmen Chu oppose Prop B and say there are other,
better solutions that will reform retirement without hurting health care. Teachers agree.

“Pension reform is one thing, but voting „yes‟ would double the cost of children‟s health care,
and that‟s going too far,” said Darcie Chan Blackburn, a teacher at Bryant Elementary School.
“Prop B is a shortsighted measure that will cause families to lose their health care coverage,
resulting in more trips to the emergency room at taxpayer expense.”

“Proposition B does not take into account that city employees have already taken $250 million in
voluntary pay cuts,” said Blackburn.

This year, city employees voluntarily agreed to $250 million in wage concessions; they have
taken pay cuts totaling three quarters of a billion dollars over the last decade.

Passage of the measure would also make San Francisco ineligible for more than $23 million in
federal funding for health care next year, and up to $100 million over the next four years.


The campaign to defeat Prop B has been endorsed by:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
Senator Leland Yee
Senator Mark Leno
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano
Sheriff Michael Hennessey
District Attorney Kamala Harris
Board President David Chiu
Supervisor Eric Mar
Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier
Supervisor Carmen Chu
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi
Supervisor Chris Daly
Supervisor Sean Elsbernd
Supervisor Bevan Dufty

Supervisor David Campos
Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
Supervisor John Avalos
San Francisco Democratic Party
California Nurses Association
United Educators of San Francisco
San Francisco Firefighters
San Francisco Police Officers
San Francisco Labor Council
San Francisco Tenants Union
Affordable Housing Alliance
Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
Chinese Progressive Association
Irish American Democratic Club
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club

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