Test Spokeo Yourself – Type In Your Own Name to See an Inaccurate Take on Your Personal Information

I don’t know how worried you should be about the new search engine at local outfit Spokeo.com. Here’s the pitch: 

“People Search, Email Search, Phone Search, Friends Search with Spokeo

That pitch has been scaring people concerned about their privacy, but if you test Spokeo out you’ll see that you don’t have too much to worry about.

For example, the info it has on me under “basic results” are correct only in three cases, two of which are implied by my name. That’s out of 14 responses. I mean, you’d have more accurate info if you just guessed.

Hey, what about the Mayor? Let’s try:

I don’t know, does Spokeo reveal anything?

I’ll tell you, there have been similar search engines that have come down the pike with great fanfare, ones that gave wealths of accurate information for free but they haven’t lasted very long, for whatever reason.

Spokeo says that it’s, “Not Your Grandma’s Phonebook” but I don’t know. Grandma’s phonebook might work more better.  Or Yahoo! People Search, that one might work if you want the number to your uncle’s fishing cabin in Idaho, or something.  

In other words:

“I think spokeo.com should actually be called spookeo.com .. the only solace is that half their data is wrong.”
See you in Hell, Spokeo.

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