Santa Clara, CA is “Sports Central,” Really? – Santa Clara Thinks So, Anyway – Counting Chickens Way Down South

I don’t know, is tiny Santa Clara, CA really “in the middle of it all in the San Francisco Bay Area?”

I think not. (And actually, Santa Clara is similarly too far south to be “Silicon Valley Central” either.)

I cry foul.

But you, You Make The Call. Read an optimistic press release from this AM and then decide for yourself.

Santa Clara, California Is “Sports Central”

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 29  — With the San Francisco 49ers proposed stadium initiative passing this past June, the city of Santa Clara could soon become “Sports Central” in the San Francisco Bay Area. Construction of a new 68,500 seat NFL stadium is planned for 2012 with the stadium expected to be ready for business in 2014. Santa Clara already boasts a wide variety of sports venues including Buck Shaw Stadium, George F. Haines International Swim Center, Santa Clara Convention Center and Youth Soccer Park. A complete listing can be found at

An often used venue for cheerleading, competitive video gaming, dancing, indoor soccer, martial arts, volleyball, and more is the 302,000 square foot Santa Clara Convention Center. The facility’s large clear span exhibit halls and high ceilings have hosted a wide range of sporting events. For rugby, soccer and swimming competitions, Santa Clara has a multitude of venues with the most notable being Buck Shaw Stadium at Santa Clara University for rugby and soccer and the George F. Haines International Swim Center for swimming and diving competitions.

With outstanding venues, beautiful facilities, and over 300 days of sunshine per year, Santa Clara is the place to be in the middle of it all in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit

SOURCE  Santa Clara Convention and Visitors Bureau

Santa Clara Convention and Visitors Bureau

Web Site: 


Santa Clara – Silicon Valley Central is the perfect location for a sport’s tournament or event. The City has over 300 days of sunshine per year, plus outstanding venues. If you are a sporting event planner, click on any of the anchor links below to see potential venues or complete our Sports RFP Form.

Skate Park

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2 Responses to “Santa Clara, CA is “Sports Central,” Really? – Santa Clara Thinks So, Anyway – Counting Chickens Way Down South”

  1. Sergio says:

    Tiny, maybe. ..but Santa Clara is the headquarters for the world’s leading chip maker Intel, to Northern California’s largest theme park, to a first-class Convention Center, and yes….. to the future home of the National Football League’s (NFL) San Francisco 49ers.

    Are you disagreeing that a city that will be hosting the Super Bowl, potential World Cup and other international soccer games, college bowl games, etc. is not or would not be “Sports Central” in the Bay Area? What other city in the Bay Area do you know of that will be in line to host a Super Bowl? ..not to mention the other world class events that will be coming to Santa Clara.

    Already, Major League Soccer’s Earthquakes play at Buck Shaw Stadium, the city hosts a world class swimming competition each year at the International Swim Center, and Santa Clara University is a perennial power in soccer (even singled out in the movie “Bend It Like Beckham.” The new stadium is going to make Santa Clara “Sports Central” in the Bay Area.”

    We’re not counting chickens, but the eggs will be hatching soon, shovel will go in the ground in 2012, and the young chickens will host their first game in 2014. Not long after, much larger chickens will host the Super Bowl. When that happens, there will be few doubters that Santa Clara is, in fact, “Sports Central!”

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I’ll give you the first graf, except for the Niners. Is that a done deal? You’ll be extreeeeeeeemly lucky to have them playing by 2014, right?

    SC might be Sports, but it’s not “Central.” SC is a waaaaay down south in the bay area. If you want to say it’s Santa Clara County’s Sports Central, well then you’d have something.

    I feel sorry for players who tell their friends they’re playing “in San Francisco” but then have to fight the coaches to get some time off to venture north of San Hoser International Airport…