Raucous NO ON B Rally at Laguna Honda Hospital – 200 Noisy Protesters – Bad Medicine Website Launches

This was a fairly large event, this NO ON B rally. State Senators Leland Yee and Mark Leno, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, Board President David Chiu, and Supervisors Bevan Dufty, Carmen Chu, Eric Mar plus a couple hundred city workers were all on hand this afternoon in front of The Pavilion at the renewed Laguna Honda Hospital.


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Avuncular Leland Yee went on the attack against Prop B proponent Jeff Adachi:

“Jeff Adachi you have slighted this city.”


“How dare you take this from the backs of our workers?”

O.K. then.

Today’s rally coincides with the website lauch:

“The No on Proposition B campaign today launched its website, www.nobadmedicine.com, a resource to learn the facts about Proposition B, a November 2 ballot measure that will double the cost of health care for over 20,000 people. The new site features a fact check of the “Yes” campaign’s claims and the stories of real people who would be directly impacted by the passage of Prop B.”

Now, let’s take a look at where the money for Prop B is coming from. The Bay Citizen‘s Elizabeth Lesly Stevens has a bunch of new names.

That’s your Prop B update for the day…

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One Response to “Raucous NO ON B Rally at Laguna Honda Hospital – 200 Noisy Protesters – Bad Medicine Website Launches”

  1. Honest Abe says:

    city workers have already promised to pay their own retirement contributions in full, which is to commence July 01, 2011 [nine (9) months from now]. they did this when they ratified their most recent contract earlier this year.  it should be noted that regarding pension reform and prop b; very little money will be saved by forcing city workers to contribute their fair share a mere six [6] months prior to schedule.  So apparently then, the “big savings” hoped for by passing such a brilliantly thought out piece of agenda must come from the lesser emphasized “healthcare” component of this poorly thought out piece of written scapegoating and bullying.  in exchange for continued health care provisions to children or other needy legal dependant of the hard working city employee, the wealthy authors along with greedy bankroller venture capitalist-billionaire backers of this divisive proposition have opted to use this “hidden” aspect to boost their “savings” figure which they shamelessly tout knowing full well that such drastic cuts will not only displace the most vulnerable, namely children and retirees needing healthcare who cannot otherwise afford it but to also undermine the overall universal healthcare concept, which most San Franciscans recognize as smart and cost effective  –all in an effort to gain a certain amount of esteem and notoriety for its author to run as a mayoral candidate in the 2011 local election with the support of the powerful wealthy.  people, please see this for what it is and not for what it is not!  cuts to preventive healthcare at minimal savings to the city fund will end up costing us tax payers double, triple and quadruple -when urgent care and emergency room services at the medical industry’s skyrocketing rates and exuberant costs and fees are factored in as the only remaining viable options for those no longer able to qualify for any other type of reasonably priced medical coverage!  please vote NO on B.