Resolved: Our Local Chapter of the Guardian Angels is OUT OF CONTROL – Pouring Out Your Beer in Dolores Park?

Let me tell you about back in the day when the Guardian Angels patrolled the Streets of San Francisco, back before your days at Wellesley.

Everything was fine for SFGA until The Incident in the 1990’s – after that, the Angels Had To Go Away. Carolyn Jones has the deets:

“One day the Angels chased down an apparent drug offender, slammed him so hard to the sidewalk his head was cut open, and proceeded to handcuff him. They let up just long enough for the alleged perpetrator to show his police badge. Shortly thereafter, the Angels all but disbanded in San Francisco.”

But now the San Francisco Chapter is back, baby, and back bigtime.



Now, let’s hear from them, through CHAPTER LEADER/JERRY LONGORIA/J.D.: 

Dolores Park Patrol 9/24/10

Friday September 24th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing a night patrol at Dolores Park tonight. The reason for this patrol in this area is the parties. At our headquarters we were getting in calls and reports about the drugs, the drinking, and the fighting, that has been going on in this area.”
Now, can I go and patrol D.P. if I want to as well? Really?
“Next we march on, we march around the park, we march through the park, it was not as bad as we thought it would be. Or maybe the word had got out that the angels where coming into this area, who knows. The highlight of the night was pouring out beers for drinking in public, but that’s OK because these bad guys respected us for doing it, they knew this was breaking the law. Well J.D. is calling it a night, there is not much else that can be done in this area.”
Our Guardian Angels enforce open container laws? Really? I’d like to see them try to pour my beer out. Srsly.
“We do get to our stop at 16th street BART STATION, we get on bus #14, we get to our stop at 6th street. But as we where a block away from our stop a gang banger jump on the bus for free, we look at this guy real good, and as soon as we got to our stop we asked the guy to get off the bus with us and he did. We then hand cuff this guy, we then search this guy, but this guy was our second in command (Scorpion). He really tried to pull one on us, but we showed him because we were ready for anything.”
Our Guardians Angels can go around searching and handcuffing people? Really? What’s next – are they going to start scanning Clipper Cards and asking for proof of payment on MUNI?
Now, back in colledge, they learned us about the criminal law – but not California’s per se, just generic, 50-state law. Anyway, off the top of my head, let’s see here, our GA’s need to worry about possible civil and criminal liability for:
False arrest
(And speaking of kidnapping, remember when Iconic GA Founder Curtis Sliwa himself got kidnapped by transit police in NYC? Well, turns out that story was all made up, oh well.)
The point is that it’s tricky to navigate citizens’ arrest laws, not that this should be big news to anybody.
Anywho, based on the above report, I surmise the San Francisco Chapter of the Guardian Angels is out of control.

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6 Responses to “Resolved: Our Local Chapter of the Guardian Angels is OUT OF CONTROL – Pouring Out Your Beer in Dolores Park?”

  1. […] Blogger San Francisco Citizen also had condemnation for the group’s behavior. “Based on the above report, I surmise the San Francisco Chapter of the Guardian Angels is out of control,” he wrote. […]

  2. Vlad says:

    The Angels actually disbanded in 1996 due to a leadership change. The new leader was simply unable to maintain the chapter. That “incident” is completely wrong. An assistant DA was being drunken and belligerent, and assaulted a Guardian Angel who took him down. Charges were dropped against the Angels obviously because the DA’s office didn’t want to embarrass the assistant DA.

    As for enforcing open container. The blog noted that citizens called the Angels about unruly behavior in the park. I’m sure if it was an isolated incident, the Angels would not enforce open container, but as part of a larger problem, it’s a justified tactic to control unruly behavior in a park. Would you take your children to a park where people are doing drugs, getting drunk, and getting in fights? If the park didn’t have those problems, I’m sure isolated incidents of drinking in public would be okay. I’m a libertarian and am wary of anyone trying to enforce the law, but I have to tell you, what about the rights of citizens to enjoy taking their family out in public without dealing with drunks, druggies, thugs, and people fighting.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    Seems improbable that the Chronicle would mistake an ADA with a peace officer. Seems improbable that an ADA would carry a star.

  4. Akit says:

    Finding a fare evader, arresting the person, and doing a search. I don’t care if it was a member their group, that could be viewed as a serious violation of one’s constitutional rights.

    Police and POP don’t arrest people. It’s just a citation (like a parking ticket) and that’s all.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    Yep. Most of the paramilitary organizations patrolling our streets have lots more training….