Hilarious: Yahoo Maps Calls the Outer Sunset the “Outset” and the Inner Sunset, Wait for It, the “Inset”

Somebody at Yahoo! Local Maps must have a sense of humor ’cause they’re calling Inner Sunset the “Inset” and the Outer Sunset the “Outset.”


At the outset, I’ll tell you that this image is not inset:

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I don’t know, Inset is a pretty good thing to be called, I guess:

 “a place where something flows in

“Something” could be knowledge, or fog, stuff like that.

And Outset, that’s pretty good too:

 “a start; beginning

Like if you’re starting a cross-country journey, or moving into a halfway house, stuff like that.

So, good on you, Yahoo.

And they also have some other new / funny / inventive names in San Francisco proper, like North Panhandle and stuff, but there’s no East Panhandle (EaPA*) or South Panhandle (SoPA**). Yet.

(And what about InMond for the Inner Richmond and OuMond (OW-MOND) for the Outer Richmond? Maybe someday…)

Anyway, Inset and Outset: Learn It, Know It, Live It.

*I’ll cop to making this one up, but someday DMV Hollow Adjacent will get it’s own moniker.

** There are people who actually use this term. Srlsy.

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4 Responses to “Hilarious: Yahoo Maps Calls the Outer Sunset the “Outset” and the Inner Sunset, Wait for It, the “Inset””

  1. Spenser says:

    I have always been a proponent of first-two-letters-of-each-word abbrevs, like Nopa and Soma. But I think it should extend to every nook and cranny of SF. Imagine the time we could save!

    For example:


    and, of course,


  2. plumpy says:

    Google Maps has referred to North Beach as “South Beach” for quite a while now.


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  4. spatula pirate says:

    I like to refer to where I live as UnSu, or Under Sutro. Technically it’s Corona Heights, but hell, long-time citizens don’t even know where that is.