The Outer Sunset is a ” San Francisco Secret?” Well, Just Look at the Signs – Brightening Up the Central Sunset, Officially

In the spirit of “I’M PULLING FOR SPRINGFIELD” come these signs in the Central Sunset on Irving Street. See?

Banners Welcome Shoppers. To help draw attention to the bustling commercial corridor on Irving Street, the Outer Sunset Merchant and Professional Association has hung colorful banners along major intersections on Irving, between 19th and 25th avenues. The banners, promoting the “San Francisco secret,” say “welcome” in English and Chinese.”

I’ll tell you, 27th Avenue¬†is more outer than 19th, but the whole lot of these streets are in the Middle Sunset, AFAIAC:

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Now, which is the “biggest San Francisco secret” of the “Outer Sunset?”¬†

Is it the grow houses or the cat houses?

Or maybe it’s all those illegal in-law (or, more correctly, outlaw) housing units…?

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