It Begins: Website Demonizes With Chris Daly – Who is Paying for This?

So let’s say you Google “Janet Reilly” ‘n stuff these days. Here’s what you’ll get from the Googleplex:

See? As you might expect, you’ll see a “sponsored link” from Janet Reilly but also one from

Click on that, and you’ll get this, a one-page website that would be invisible to searchers but for Google getting money to make it the number 2 response:

Who are the Common Sense Voters, SF 2010?

Don’t know.

Who could it be now? Somebody who’s in the habit of using Piwik to measure web traffic, apparently.

My WAG, and View Source, after the jump – is this PG&E?


Anyway, here’s the Not Janet page straight up:

<!DOCTYPE html>html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ /> <title>Vote NO on Janet Reilly</title> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/css/styles.css” type=”text/css” media=”all”> </head> <body> <div id=”header”> </div> <div id=”masthead”> <div id=”innermasthead”> </div> </div> <div id=”maincontent”> <div id=”innercontent”> <div id=”innerwrap” class=”clearfix”> <br><p><img src=”/images/contentbodytop.gif”></p> <div id=”cleft”> <p><img src=”/images/subhead1.gif”></p> <p>Janet and her family have contributed thousands of dollars to Chris Daly, Aaron Peskin and other members of the Board of Supervisors who share their radical views. It’s obvious where she stands.</p> </div> <div id=”cright”> <p><img src=”/images/subhead2.gif”></p> <p>Reilly and her family were the largest single contributors to support public power in San Francisco. Proposition H was a $4 billion gamble that could have risked public safety and education. District 2 overwhelmingly rejected the measure, but Reilly supported it to the tune of $100,000.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div id=”voteno”> <div id=”votenoinner”> </div> </div> <div id=”footer”> <div id=”footerinner”> <p>Paid for by Common Sense Voters, SF 2010</p> </div> </div> <script type=”text/javascript”> var_gaq = _gaq || [];‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-19240919-1’]);‘_trackPageview’]);function() {varga = document.createElement(‘script’); ga.type = ‘text/javascript’; ga.async = true;‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘’;vars = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);</script> <!– Piwik –> <script type=”text/javascript”> varpkBaseURL = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “” : “”);“%3Cscript src='”+ pkBaseURL + “piwik.js’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));</script><script type=”text/javascript”> try {varpiwikTracker = Piwik.getTracker(pkBaseURL + “piwik.php”, 28);catch( err ) {}</script><noscript><p><img src=”″ style=”border:0″ alt=”” /></p></noscript> <!– End Piwik Tag –> </body>html>





ga.src = (







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