Resolved: Bauer Transportation Does Not Have a Solar Bus, Despite What “City Bright” “Zennie62” Contends

Let’s hear from “City Bright” “Zennie62” on something new and “exciting” ‘n stuff:

What Is The Solar Bus? The bus used in the Bauer’s fleet is a 57-passenger Setra that has rooftop solar panels and has been reconfigured for an interior floor plan with 52 seats and a set of table seatings. It was introduced this year at Bus Con 2010.”

Uh, it’s not a solar bus. O.K., work with me here. Would I have a “Solar Land Cruiser” if I put a photovoltaic panel on top of the moonroof? No, I would not.

Ergo, Bauer Limousine “Transportation” doesn’t have a solar bus. Sorry, we don’t have those kinds of things yet, not on Planet Earth. Solar airplanes, sure, but not solar buses and not even “solar hybrid” buses.

Now, here’s an electric bus that gets it’s juice from solar – that’s getting warmer. See?

So, and this might be news to Z62 and the people at Bauer, your vaunted solar / solar-hybrid bus is actually a diesel bus.

(Actually, diesel engines love to idle. They don’t get into a lot of the issues that gasoline engines have when idling. And diesels don’t use all that much fuel while idling, so that’s why it used to be industry practice to let diesels idle for extended periods even without passengers inside. But it doesn’t look good and it pisses off the neighbors sometimes so that’s why laws and guidelines have popped up lately. Anyway…)

Or, maybe this article was an ad for Bauer. Actually, that makes a lot more sense. And in that case, Zennie Abraham and Bauer Transpo are allowed a dollop of puffery, so no biggee.

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2 Responses to “Resolved: Bauer Transportation Does Not Have a Solar Bus, Despite What “City Bright” “Zennie62” Contends”

  1. This is silly. You type ” here’s an electric bus that gets it’s juice from solar,” and if you bothered to visit the website, you’d find that what Bauer’s is specializing in, is a conversion to exactly that: “an electric bus that gets it’s juice from solar.” What’s the deal? Did you just see that I blogged this and BLINDLY challenged it without thinking? I’m used to that from people in the Bay Area. This was another really stupid example.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Bauer’s bus is a diesel bus, capiche? It’s not a solar bus. You called it a solar bus. Obviously you don’t know what a solar bus is. How on Earth could this bus move down the freeway powered with just those solar cells on the top?

    I’d say you blindly blogged without thinking about it. I think that’s how you make your money.

    For some reason, you want to cheerlead for Bauer Limo.

    Do you really think Gary Fucking Bauer is “saving the earth one mile at a time?”

    Everything I’ve come across from you is sub-Nevius level, frankly.

    And aren’t you “people from the bay area?”