Why Don’t We Give Back the McKinley Statue We’ve Abandoned? A Minas Morgul of Graffiti in the Panhandle

Last I heard, KKKatey is still in jail, right? So who’s messing up this giant statue now? Why don’t we just give it back if we’re just going to abandon it to the East End Boys and girls with their makers and spray paint and whatnot?

Oh, I guess we ourselves built it, but maybe we should move it to a place where won’t serve as a graffiti beacon?

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Look at this, Teddy Roosevelt visited the west end of Golden Gate Park back in the day, just south of the NoPA, west of the EaPA, and north of the SoPA.


What would Teddy say if he could see this statue in the state its in now?

I mean, he spent time traveling here when he could have been in Africa killing ever more elephants, right?

Oh well…

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3 Responses to “Why Don’t We Give Back the McKinley Statue We’ve Abandoned? A Minas Morgul of Graffiti in the Panhandle”

  1. dale says:

    I noticed those tags proliferating, so I took some photos and sent in a request via 311 online this weekend. The last time the monument was cleaned was in April.
    Who’s doing it? Well, one of the tags is Kremo – maybe this guy –

  2. sfcitizen says:

    thx for the info.

    Don’t think the KKKatey1 on the steps ever got cleaned up. It was there a couple weeks back and it was untouched, IIRC. Then, just recently, somebody wrote over it…

    On it goes…

  3. cosmic_ray says:

    An appropriate solution to the graffiti and tagging of McKinley’s monument would be to install a cage around and over it; that way it couldn’t be touched and the cage would be symbolic of the damage that his administration’s strong-arm tactics did to the people of Latin America, Hawaii and the Philippines.

    AquĆ­ paz y en el cielo gloria.