Fireworks Over Golden Gate Park for the San Francisco Giants – But You’re Not Invited – Will the Trees be Safe?

[UPDATE: 10:00 PM – The show started and ended early. Check it.

Here’s the video. Can you hear the chants of, “Let’s go, Giants?”

Via dictiondavies]

[UPDATE: 4:00 PM –Fireworks timing has just been announced at the Richmond District Blog:

“UPDATE (3:47pm): The Richmond District Police Station just sent out an advisory about fireworks at the event: Major League Baseball and the San Francisco Giants will be hosting a brief fireworks display in Golden Gate Park tonight. The fireworks presentation will take place sometime between 10:15 pm and 10:25 pm. The display is in connection with a private welcome event hosted by the San Francisco Giants and Major League Baseball for out of town visitors and other guests. Access to the music concourse and other areas of Golden Gate Park will be limited for the evening for safety reasons.”

That’s a little late, right? Area homeowners might go apoplectic over this one. And the Texas Rangers, those strangers, are invited, but you’re not? Oh well]

According to the always-reliable Richmond District Blog, the big shindig at the Music Concourse in front of our California Academy of Sciences tonight is a VIP party for the San Francisco Giants, what with them being in the World Series and whatnot. See?

VIP Giants bash at the Academy of Sciences tonight

Now check it, they’ve got fireworks all set up ready to go, but these incendiaries are placed a little too close to some trees according to local arborealists. And I’ll tell you, there’s nothing touchier than a Golden Gate Park tree hugger. Let’s hope for the best, let’s hope the trees don’t turn orange as well…

(And the NIMBYs? Are they going to have heart attacks and start up dialing 911 and 311 and Carmen Chu and Eric Mar? Let’s hope not.)

Grand View Park will be a good place to see the short fireworks show, but the Strawberry Hill area might work as well, as might Lone Mountain.

This will be the biggest party near the concourse since the 1800’s:

Tonight we’re (they’re, actually) going to party like it’s 1989.

Oh well.

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2 Responses to “Fireworks Over Golden Gate Park for the San Francisco Giants – But You’re Not Invited – Will the Trees be Safe?”

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  2. It is just absolutely amazing what the San Francisco Giants did to the city of San Francisco. The parade was just unbelievable. Too bad I could not be at the fireworks show, but I bet it was a spectacle in San Francisco. Do you know if any damage was really done to the trees? Let’s hope the Giants could repeat as champions next year. Any event that could turn a crowd going through tough times with the economy into a celebratory mood is a good thing in my book. Go Giants.