OMG, It’s Judgment Day for Bay Area Restaurants! – Michelin Guide 2011 Debuting – Jean Luc Calling Area Chefs Right Now

Well, it’s finally arrived, the biggest day in high-end bay area restaurants for the entire year of 2010. It’s Opening Day for the Famously Anonymous Michelin Guide San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country Restaurants 2011.

Keep up with the day’s events on the Twitter. Here’s the latest:

“Jean-Luc will be calling chefs soon…we can’t wait for the big day in San Francisco!

In other words, Jean-Luc Naret, bon vivant and Director of the Michelin Guides, is on the horn giving area chefs wake-up calls, just the way the Nobel Prize Committee does it.

And Paolo Lucchesi, the Bay Area’s Most Popular Blogger, has just handicapped the race. Check it:

Six plotlines to follow for the upcoming Bay Area Michelin Guide

This is serious bidness, people.

Now you’re prepared for when the announcements come.


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