Decorative Rocks Sure Make It Tough to Ride a Bike Down the Middle of the Embarcadero

Man, these rocks sure make for a bumpy ride.

Whoever put them it ought to get fired.

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In the middle of the road,
Is my private cul de sac.
I can’t get from the cab to the curb,
Without some little jerk on my back,
Don’t harass me kid,
Can’t you tell I’m going home, I’m tired as hell,
I’m not the cat I used to be,
I’ve got a kid, I’m thirty-three baby.
Get in the road.
Come on now,
In the middle of the road.

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5 Responses to “Decorative Rocks Sure Make It Tough to Ride a Bike Down the Middle of the Embarcadero”

  1. oranckay says:

    Think, my friend! That is more than “the middle of Embarcadero,” those are train tracks. The idea was to keep drivers from confusing it with a street you can drive on. I don’t doubt part of the idea was to keep it from becoming a bike lane, too, but it’s really the tourists in campers they were worried about.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Oh, never miiiiind.

    More seriously, we ought to just tear all those tracks out and put them back in on the outside lanes where they belong. I much prefer the old Embarc, before the feds spent all that money to make peds wait 2 minutes to cross the street…

  3. Meghann says:

    Who is seriously riding on the train tracks? You’re asking for it.

  4. sfcitizen says:

    Actually, it’s a pretty quiet place most of the time.

    We wasted our chance to un-widen Embarcadero when the feds spent all that money putting in these median tracks and the LA-style trees. Ought to start all over and put the tracks where they belong instead of in the middle of the darn street. Oh well.

  5. Al says:

    What I’d like to see is a two-way bike lane on the east side which is uninterrupted by stoplights (just put some “yield for pedestrians” signs along the way). That would be marvelous, and it would only take 12 feet or so of streetspace. The existing bike lanes are kinda scary.