D2 Update: Janet Throws Down – Files FPPC Complaint, Mark Gets Endorsed by SFChron, and Kat Endorses Mark and Abe

I don’t know, I’m not competent to weigh in on the pros and cons of Janet Reilly’s FPPC complaint against Common Sense Voters, SF 2010. But here it is, just released this afternoon:

Reilly Press Release – 10-29-2010

FPPC Complaint Against Common Sense Voters

Part of this fuss is over this NotJanetReilly website, which appears to have something to do with “Salsa Labs” and yet, amazingly,  doesn’t crash when you look at it.

So that’s that, moving on.

Mark Farrell‘s Facebook page is something I hadn’t seen before – it’s filled up with well-wishes from the high and mighty. See?

District 2: Farrell is voice of restraint

And Kat Anderson is out with some releases today as well. I’d have to call this graf below evidence of a co-endorsement. Only candidate Barbara Berwick has co-endorsed in D2 so far AFAIK, so this is news:

“VOTE TO ELECT A MODERATE REPRESENTATIVE. Please fill out your absentee ballots and mail them now.  Or, you can walk them to your polls on November 2nd.  You can also go to the Department of Elections at City Hall and vote early.  And, of course, you can engage in a great right and ritual on November 2nd, and go vote at your polling place.  Be sure to encourage all of your friends to GET OUT THE VOTE and to support the true moderates:  KAT ANDERSON, MARK FARRELL AND ABRAHAM SIMMONS.”

See Kat’s plans for Halloween after the jump.

And oh geez, here’s more about the recent, big-money independent expenditure – hear from Frank Jordan (is he alleging a crime when he puts “independent” in quote marks?) and Louise Renne too.

That’s it, that’s your final D2 Update for the day.

“Please take a moment to read what Former Mayor Frank Jordan and former City Attorney Louise Renne are saying about the attacks against Janet Reilly by Mark Farrell and the independent expenditure campaign financed by right-wing anti-rent control activist Thomas Coates:

Frank Jordan
Former Mayor
Frank Jordan

“Mark Farrell and his ‘independent’ attack committee should be embarrassed by their smears on Janet Reilly. Reject the negative campaign attacks. I urge you to stand with Janet on Election Day.”
– Former Mayor and Police Chief Frank Jordan

Louise Renne
Former City Attorney Louise Renne

“These disgraceful and untrue attacks against Janet Reilly must stop. They represent everything people have come to despise about our political process. Janet Reilly is a sensible, intelligent woman with a track record of public service. Attempts to link her to Chris Daly’s agenda at City Hall are patently absurd.”

“Kat Hosts a Haunted Halloween House.  Come for a Night of Family-friendly Fun and Frights!


65 Avila Street


Bring the whole family. Three blocks of Avila Street will be barricaded from cars in the interest of public safety.  The whole neighborhood decorates!


Kat’s Campaign Team is making a Haunted House with a Maze.  There will be teen “actors” in costume ready to scare the wits out of you – unless you promise to vote on November 2nd.  We’ll have “VoteKat” candy bars and other treats.  Get into the “spirits” for the last 2 days of the election.


5:30ish pm to 8:30ish pm on Halloween, October 31, 2010.

Join in the fun:

If you’d like to help us at the Haunted House, come in costume ready to thrill and delight folks from 3 to 93!


With my background as an attorney resolving labor and employment disputes, I am the sole candidate with the real-world knowledge, experience and skill required to tackle the tough employment issues and management decisions facing our city and community.  I have recently received an endorsement from the District 2 Democratic Club.  Please make me your #1 choice for District 2 Supervisor on November 2nd.  Vote Kat Anderson.  Remember my promise to you – “I will listen and make your voice heard.”


My campaign can use your support in these final days.  You may contribute financially by clicking on this link (Paypal transaction).  If you have time to make phone calls to GET OUT THE VOTE, please email me your phone number and email address and we’ll put you to work.  Contact me at info@votekatanderson.com or by calling (415) 439-0KAT.

Help KAT with her 5 by 5 plan.

Please personally call at least 5 of your friends, tell them why you are supporting Kat and encourage them to vote for Kat, and volunteer if they can – starting with their calling 5 of their friends and spreading the word, 5 by 5!  Then, email Kat’s Campaign and let us know how it’s going.

Stay Tuned for Election night get together details.

Thank you for all of your support,

Kat Anderson

Campaign for Kat Anderson for District 2 Supervisor 2010

2130 Fillmore Street #200

San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 439-0528 | (415) 439-0KAT


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