A Crowd of 50 Shows for the First SF Parks Town Hall Meeting – Rec Centers, Income Generation and Community Engagement

The Neighborhood Parks Council held a Town Hall this morning at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.

Here’s what one person thinks about it, anyway:


The current rapid pace direction of the Rec & Park Dept. towards “self sustainability” is leading towards all properties – parks, clubhouses etc. to becoming possible if not increased revenue producers. The looming gloom scenario of next years budget “crisis” will serve as a leverage platform to initiate, promote and policy shape further commercialization, privatization, and development of community resources regardless of the ongoing needs, wishes, history or integrity of our neighborhoods. This short sighted property development approach is becoming increasingly more damaging to both the immediate and longterm quality and nature of San Francisco living and is shameful in it’s political strategic fashion to continue to pit ourselves against each other.”

And here are some more shots, from Nancy McNally – looks like District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi made the scene as well.

A record of this meeting should be up sometime, somewhere, in November and there should be coverage at Mission Local sooner than that…

Les mise-en-scene:

Meredith Thomas hosted:

To be continued

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One Response to “A Crowd of 50 Shows for the First SF Parks Town Hall Meeting – Rec Centers, Income Generation and Community Engagement”

  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/localcolorist/sets/72157625157171587/detail/

    I put the 10.30.10 Neighborhood Parks Council sponsored meeting photos into a subset and in chronological order

    The idea of the survey time line was brought up in this meeting as being useless and then dropped as a topic. I had an idea that since the SF Chronicle is practically a dead fish in the water of Lake Merced, they could run the survey in the SF Chronicle and give a little boost to the SF Chronicle relevancy as a town crier and surely add to any relevancy of the survey.which is worthless at this point.

    ” The world is what you make it” Paul Brady

    In my world all the folks who showed up yesterday to voice their concerns and feel disenfranchised from SF Parks if we all could meet together apart from sanctioned
    Rec and Park sponsored meetings instead of the small factions and separate individual park groups , none of us know one another for the most part. There is power in numbers and we are all divided and separate. I don’t even know the names of the most of the folks who came yesterday.

    kind regards, Nancy McNally