Ticker-Tape Parade for the Giants Wednesday at 11:00 AM! From Montgomery Street to Civic Center, Then a Party

[UPDATE: OMG, watch the parade and celebration live on KRON Channel 4 or live on the Web!]

[UPDATE: And get your official parade shirt for just $25.]

Per Leanne Maxwell at SFist (San Francisco’s biggest and best blog) the Giants ticker tape parade starts at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at Washington and Montgomery and, per President Larry Baer, the party in Civic Center will get started at around 12:30 PM.

You’ve just got to be there – the SFPD is expecting over 100,000 fans to be on hand. Deets below.

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And here’s what the last Giants ticker tape parade looked like back in 1958:

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That was then, this is now, on Haight Street near Ashbury. The cops just shut down the street:

Les mise-en-scene:

Some buses on Haight Street got rerouted, others just got stuck:

And some people had their own bus, like these fans on Sutter. Complete with light sabers, of course:

So things were pretty mellow around most of the town.

But the Mission was a different story:

Via TracyClarkFlory

All the deets:

City to Honor Returning World Series Champions with Ticker-tape Parade Wednesday at 11 a.m. from Financial District to Civic Center Plaza

San Francisco, CA–Mayor Gavin Newsom announced tonight that San Francisco will host a ticker-tape parade and civic celebration in honor of the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. The parade will begin on Montgomery Street at Washington Street at 11 a.m. and go southbound on Montgomery Street to Market Street, before continuing westbound on Market Street to Civic Center Plaza. Following the parade, on the steps of City Hall, Mayor Newsom will present the team with the key to the City and honor the World Series Champions in a civic celebration. The parade route will replicate the route taken by the team when they first came to San Francisco from New York in 1958.

“San Francisco could not be prouder of its hometown San Francisco Giants tonight,” said Mayor Newsom. “Congratulations to every player on the roster and to the entire San Francisco Giants organization. You have earned this historic World Championship through your talent, determination and teamwork, defying the odds and bringing the entire City together throughout this remarkable season. San Francisco eagerly awaits your return, and we cannot wait to celebrate your triumph in Texas with a ticker tape parade and civic celebration to welcome you home.”

The sidewalks lining Wednesday’s ticker-tape parade down Montgomery and up Market Street and the celebration at Civic Center Plaza are open to all members of the public. Those viewing the parade and who wish to attend the celebration in Civic Center Plaza are advised to arrive early and take public transportation.

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14 Responses to “Ticker-Tape Parade for the Giants Wednesday at 11:00 AM! From Montgomery Street to Civic Center, Then a Party”

  1. Lori Ibanez says:

    Way to go GIANTS, I love all of you. My family and I just moved back home to the Bay Area this year after 16 years in TN. We are all SF fans and thanks for the gift. This is a dream come true. Thanks, Lori

  2. Debra says:


  3. Camryn Y. says:

    Way to go giants special thanks to Tim Lincecum, Brain Wilson and Matt Cain…WooHoo

  4. Camryn Y. says:

    Oh…and Madison Bumgarner! WooHoo!

  5. Nathalie says:

    Sweet Torture! America’s most beautiful city, you now own the baseball’s greatest award! from my first encounter with you back in 1989 to now, I love you. Congrats to the Giants, and congrats to SF. We deserve this!!!

  6. Joe says:

    We are looking forward to this parade and celebrating a GREAT GIANTS TEAM !!


  7. Camryn Y. says:

    Don’t forget about the parade honoring the Giants and the great team effort in winning the World Series for 2010 MLB…Weds November 3 at 11:00 in San Fran more Details at the top of the page!

  8. Jack Walker says:

    Can report that large swaths of the Mission are filled with revelers. 24th and Mission — shut down. 24th and Treat partying. 19th and Valencia idiot cop drawn-Glock bullshit. 23rd and Shotwell lovely couple going woo hoo.

  9. HLF says:

    Anyone know of special public transportation? ferry? bus? etc? or are we on regular commute buses?

  10. DS says:

    Will the ferry and bus schedules be altered to accomodate the increase in traffic? ie. more frequent ferry departures

  11. Gabby says:

    When is the parade going to end????

  12. sfcitizen says:

    I guess it’ll be at 12:30 PM at City Hall. They might go slowly…

  13. Trini Canales says:

    Congratulationssssss, Felicidades por la victoria de obtener el titulo de Campeonessssss, it’s great inspiration for our young people ….

  14. Jane Halsey says:

    Reply to Camryn Y: Among the pitchers you thank you omit Jonathan Sanchez, but I think we should thank him too! Maybe the pressure got to him during the playoffs and the Series, or maybe by bad luck he didn’t have his best stuff on those days, but so what? He is one of the big reasons that the Giants made it to the postseason. He struggled when it came time to ice the cake, but he really did help bake it! Congratulations to ALL the team! Along the way there were errors, there were slumps, there were guys left on base, but every one of the Giants played with heart and love, every one of them did a hero’s part at some crucial point this season! GOOOOOO GIANTS! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!